Single Love Horoscope Today Marriage

Single love horoscope today marriage

As you study about a single love horoscope today soon as you settle in puberty, the biggest question comes when

will the marriage take place? get all the answers. The horoscope works well to answer this question. First of all, see if the wedding will happen or not? The seventh house in the horoscope is considered to be the marriage and the expense is the bed of happiness.

If the seventh house, its lord, and the planet sitting in the seventh house are all in the correct position. If it is not

under the influence of any bad planet or weak constellation, then it is certain that marriage will definitely take place. If the expenditure and the status of its owner are also right, then happiness is also guaranteed from marriage. [ single love horoscope today ]

Marriage continues……………

If Venus or Moon is in the seventh house then marriage is seen in 24-25 years and Saturn then marriage is seen

after 32. Consider one more thing about Saturn. If Shani is the lord of 1, 4, 5, 9, 10 in the horoscope and is in

the seventh house and is in the sight of Guru or Venus, then marriage gets done very quickly. In VII, the lonely guru delays the marriage, Rahu spoils the marriage. Know more about your marriage

Love marriage: If the lord of the fifth house makes a connection with the seventh house, the Lagna, or

the expenditure house, then love marriage or acquaintance is marriage. Even if the fifth house is in the seventh or

the seventh house is still in love, marriage is a marriage.

If the lord of the fifth or seventh is in expenditure, then there is a desired marriage, but the marriage does not

get happiness. If Panchamesh or Saptmesh changes the zodiac sign by having an auspicious planet,

then the marriage remains happy and enhances luck. If these are inauspicious planets then differences persist. Saptamesh being in the ascendant also gives the introduction of marriage.


Those who are Manglik, even if they are getting married in love, they are often attracted to the same person,

whose horoscope is affected by Mars or whose Saturn and Rahu prevail in their horoscope. In this way, most of the

Mangal Dosha is simply resolved.

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