Top 5 Astrologers In Gurgaon Ketu 6th, 8th Or 12th

top 5 astrologers in gurgaon Ketu 6th, 8th or 12th

for Ketu compatibility by top 5 astrologers in gurgaon :-

If you are suffering from Ketu, Ketu’s Dasha-Antardasha is going on or Ketu is situated in 6th, 8th or 12th house or is aspected by malefic planets, Ketu is weak in any way, then there are many types of problems in the life of a person. Keeps coming. Problems such as sudden deteriorating work, accidents, going around the court, etc.
In Hindu astrology, this planet is the lord of three constellations: Ashwini, Magha and Mool Nakshatra. Ketu is related to the Matsya avatar of Vishnu. Ketu signifies karmic collection of good and bad spirituality and supernatural influences.
This planet is the significator of logic, intelligence, knowledge, detachment, imagination, insight, penetrability,
disturbance and other mental qualities. For astrology calculations, some astrologers consider Ketu to be a neutral or impotent planet, while some others consider it to be a male planet.
The measures taken from the following measures will prove to be effective.
Remedies for Ketu compatibility by top 5 astrologers in gurgaon
It is beneficial to feed dogs when Ketu is in a malefic position in the horoscope. Donation of sesame and blanket should be done. If the behavior of sons is not good, then by donating a blanket in a religious temple, the evil of Ketu goes away. If there is pain in the feet due to Ketu, then wearing white thread and white silk clothes of pure silk will be beneficial.
Recitation of Vedic Mantra 18,000 times
Serve children, worship Lord Ganesha and get ears pierced.
Chant the Vedic Mantra of Ketu 18,000 times.
Those who are having Ketu Dasha, they get great relief from serving the elders.
Ketu starts giving auspicious results by observing Trayodashi fast.
Donate a two-coloured blanket to a poor
Light a lamp of cow’s ghee daily and worship Bhairav ji.
If Ketu is afflicted, feed sesame laddus to married couples and donate sesame seeds.
Blankets to be donated .
If Ketu is afflicted then never consume meat and liquor.
Keeping fast on Saturday and Tuesday pacifies the condition of Ketu. Give food to the dog and feed rice to the Brahmins, this will also calm the condition of Ketu.
Do not tell your mind to anyone and serve elders and saints, it provides relief in the condition of Ketu.