Top Jyotish In Delhi Rahu-Ketu Fast

Top Jyotish in Delhi Rahu Ketu fast

Rahu-Ketu fast will give freedom from all problems by top jyotish in delhi :-

Suddenly many problems start appearing in a person’s life. While everything is going well, suddenly someone in the house starts getting sick. Accidents happen to the members of the household. There is a loss of money and there are fights in the family and external situations.
Do you know why all this suddenly happens. If you get your birth chart studied, it is possible that the bad position of Rahu-Ketu will come out in it. Maybe Rahu-Ketu is the reason for all the problems coming in your life. Let us know that problems are coming due to Rahu-Ketu, then how to identify them and how to overcome them.
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Identify the problem by top jyotish in delhi :-
If there is a sudden loss of money in your life. Work started getting stuck. Suddenly the mind is disturbed. Sometimes you feel very happy and sometimes you feel sad. Your decision-making abilities began to weaken. You forget to put things here and there. You get entangled in unnecessary fights. Your prestige starts decreasing.
If all this is happening in your life then it is possible that the position of Rahu-Ketu is not going well in your horoscope. You may be having Mahadasha or Antardasha of Rahu-Ketu during this period. In transit, the sight of Rahu-Ketu is falling on an auspicious planet. If so, then some remedies have been given for it. they can do.
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What to do
If there are problems related to Rahu-Ketu, then fasting of Rahu-Ketu is done. According to the scriptures, Rahu-Ketu fasts are observed till 18 Saturdays. Accordingly, keep fast on every Saturday. Take one meal at a time and wear black clothes throughout the day. In the fasting of Rahu, chant the mantra Om Bhram Bhrin Bhraun Sa: Rahave Namah and in the fasting of Ketu, chant 18, 11 or 5 rounds of the mantra Om Sram Streem Straum Sah Ketve Namah.
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Rahu-Ketu related pain will be pacified
At the time of chanting, keep water, Durva and Kusha in a vessel with you. After the chanting is completed, offer them to the root of the Peepal tree. Eat sweet churma, sweet roti, revdi and foods made from black sesame in the food. Light a lamp of ghee under the Peepal tree at night. In this way do this sequence for 18 consecutive Saturdays.
This pacifies the pain related to Rahu-Ketu. Although this fast can be started from any Saturday, but starting it in Shukla Paksha of Falgun month and Chaitra month is especially fruitful.