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Astrology is such a science from which we all get a way to improve our life. It helps us as a guide to make our day to day activities positive. Through astrology, we get the solution of our problems. Vedic Astrology

Astrology warns about future events. Through this knowledge, one gets an opportunity to know the information of the past and to know the mistakes of the past. Through this, one can become aware of the problems that may arise. Astrological consultations not only make life easy, but also opens the way for the progress of a person.

VAK is the principal place of astrological consultation and it focuses on special worship and healing. VAK aims to solve the problems of the people through the ancient science of India i.e. astrology. In VAK with one click people can contact real astrologers and pandits and get the solution of their problem. In today's difficult times, it is our endeavor to give a better astrological advice to the people.

VAK is a premier place for all astrological consultations. You can get best predictions related to marriage, love life, career or health by call, chat or report.

All special occasions and worship related pujas in special places are conducted in the most Vedic and traditional manner by our pandits. You can take advantage of these poojan's sitting at home. Would like to tell you that on VAK, famous astrologers from all over the world will be available for your consultation at all times. A shop has also been set up for the convenience of the visitors so that they can take advantage of all the remedies which are prescribed by astrology.

How to see Kundli with Vedic Astrology?

A skilled astrologer should consider some important aspects related to the horoscope while studying the native's lagna or birth chart with the Vedic astrology method. The astrologer should analyze every planet in the horoscope in detail, which planets are located in which house, Mahadasha, Antardasha and Pratyantaradasha, Transit, etc. After reading this article completely, today you will understand all the aspects related to the interpretation of the horoscope and will be able to interpret any horoscope and make predictions based on it.

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In Vedic astrology, it is necessary to think deeply about all these aspects:

1. First of all, see which zodiac sign is in which house.
2. After that see which planet is situated in which house.
3. Then you have to see which planet is situated in your house.
4. Then you need to study the causative elements of any planets.
5. After that you have to see properly which planet is looking at which planet and house.
6. Then you need to analyze which planets are naturally auspicious or inauspicious.
7. Then you also have to check the strength of each planet.
8. Then you have to check the period during which the Mahadasha or Antardasha of a planet will be active.
9. Then you have to analyze the effects of the transit going on at that time.
10. You have to consider the ascendant of the native.
11. You have to think about the zodiac sign of the native.
12. You have to think about the constellation of the planets.
13. You also have to consider the mutual friendship and enmity of the planets in the horoscope.
14. You also have to see which planet is exalted and which is debilitated in the horoscope.
15. You will also have to study the Ashtakvarga class.
16. You should also take care of the houses of the center.
17. You should also take care of the houses of the triangle.
18. In order to make accurate predictions, along with the Lagna Kundli, it will also be necessary to study some other horoscopes of the person, which are mentioned below -

> Moon horoscope
> Bhava Driven Kundli
> Nirayan Bhava moving horoscope
> Navamsa Kundli
> Zodiac horoscope
> Hora Kundli
> Dreshkon Kundli
> Quadrant horoscope
> Saptansh Kundli
> Dasamsa Kundli
> Dwadshansha Kundli
> Shodashansh Kundli
> Vishansh Kundli
> Chaturvishansha Kundli
> Saptavimshansh Kundli
> Trishansh Kundli
> Khvedansh Kundli
> Akshavedansh Kundli
> Shashtyamsa Kundli
> Yearly horoscope