When The Sun Is In The Eleventh House

What Happen IF Your Sun is In 11th House

The eleventh house is called the income house in the horoscope. Any planet sitting in this house gives auspicious results. While this has not been found inexperienced. In this sense, inauspicious planets low lying planets in the enemy region, and those affected by inauspicious effects never give auspicious results. From here one gets a complete view of children learning love and entertainment. Even the planets seen from here have an auspicious and inauspicious effect.

The Best Astrologer in Delhi India says that if the Sun is inauspicious in the eleventh house it will hinder income matters but learning having a high vision of the child will keep the happiness of children and education will be complete.

Sun will be good in matters of income but will give mixed status in the field of education and children. If the Sun is on the sign of Mercury in Leo ascendant it will get its auspicious results. Friends will look at income rate friends will look at the fifth house.

Sagittarius sun on the eleventh house will also be very effective as per the top astrology consultant in Delhi. In this sense, the Pisces sun will also be auspicious. Knowledge of children’s income will be beneficial. The Sun of Capricorn will not be auspicious in the income house and in the fifth house. Scorpio’s Sun will be good for income while the fifth house will give mixed results.

Surya sitting in this house will be respected Rajsukh will be perfect. Will remain prominent in his family along with having longevity he will also have religious instincts. If the Sun is inauspicious the person can also be a liar and deceive others. Do not wear ruby when inauspicious sun and do not consume harmful substances.