Astrologer In Dwarka Sector 7 Ruby

astrologer in dwarka sector 7 ruby

Benefits of wearing ruby due to the presence of Sun in the tenth house by astrologer in Dwarka sector 7 :
The position of Sun in the tenth house is beneficial for the native. Government job, cooperation from government departments, benefits in politics, arts, medical line, etc. to the native. Therefore, wearing ruby is beneficial.
Let us know what is the result of wearing it in the horoscopes of different ascendants. Wearing ruby increases business as per astrologer in Dwarka sector 7
Aries Ascendant- The Sun is the fifth lord is placed in Capricorn in the tenth house. Therefore, by wearing ruby, business increases, and fame, honor, and respect are also obtained.
Taurus Ascendant- The Sun is the fourth house is placed in Aquarius in the tenth house. By wearing ruby, there is an increase in property like land, property, etc. Therefore, wearing ruby will get beneficial results.
Gemini Ascendant- Sun being the third house is situated in Pisces in the tenth house. Therefore, the person gets success in building his fortune by his hard work. Wearing ruby gives auspicious results.
Cancer Ascendant- Sun being the second lord is situated in Aries in exalted sign in the tenth. By wearing ruby, the economic condition of the person improves and there is progress in job and business.
Leo Ascendant- The Sun being the ascendant is situated in Taurus in the tenth house. Wearing ruby proves beneficial from all sides. Some people benefit from the state by wearing ruby.
Virgo Ascendant- Sun being the twelfth house is situated in the Cancer sign in the tenth house. Therefore, wear ruby wisely as it can even give a negative effect.
Libra Ascendant- Sun being benefic is situated in the tenth house, hence wearing ruby is beneficial. There is benefit from friends, government officials, ministers.
Scorpio Ascendant- Sun being the lord of the tenth house is situated in the tenth house. This condition is considered very good. By wearing ruby, maximum benefits can be obtained. People who contest elections get success.
Sagittarius Ascendant – Sun is lucky and is situated in Virgo in the tenth house, so by wearing ruby, the business automatically starts increasing.
Capricorn Ascendant- Sun being the eighth lord is in the tenth house in the debilitated sign Libra. This Sun is good for the people belonging to the medical line. Wearing ruby for other people is not that beneficial.
Aquarius Ascendant- Sun being the seventh lord will be situated in the tenth house in the friendly sign Scorpio. Therefore, by wearing ruby, the business will increase, there will be promotions. Such people progress after marriage.
Pisces Ascendant- The Sun will be placed in the tenth house in the Sagittarius sign, being the sixth house, the person will continue to work throughout his life. So wear ruby wisely.

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