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Astrologer in govindpuri Delhi:- Kendradhipatya dosha and details of Jupiter and Venus in Parashari astrology

Astrology is the study of the observation, study, and effects of celestial bodies. The scope of the subject department of astrology is very wide. Therefore, the subject of this Shastra has been divided under many divisions and departments. 

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Siddhanta, Samhita, and Hora. The entire prediction of Indian astrology is dependent on the birth chart or horoscope of the person. There are twelve houses in the horoscope. Starting from the Ascendant, it is known in the first-second-third, etc. respectively.

In Indian astrology, ‘Janma-Kundli’ is a basic requirement as per Astrologer in govindpuri Delhi. This horoscope is a map of the celestial position of a particular period. There are total twelve houses in the horoscope. Many nouns have been used for each house in different texts of astrology.

However, these houses of the horoscope are known by the names of body, wealth, might, happiness,

son, enemy, woman, death, fortune, kingdom, profit, and expenditure respectively. These four places of ascendant, fourth, seventh, and tenth are called ‘Kendra’.

Chatushtaya’ and ‘Kantak Sthan

As per Astrologer in govindpuri Delhi these are also known by the names ‘Chatushtaya’ and ‘Kantak Sthan’. In the texts of Indian astrology, some houses of the horoscope have been named as ‘Center’. Maharishi Parashar is of the opinion that the ascendant, fourth, seventh, and tenth house are the center cognates.

* In the ‘Lomash Samhita’, Maharishi Lomash also believes that the ascendant, fourth, seventh, and tenth house are the ‘centre’. ‘

*They are cognates.

*In this context, Maharishi Parashar Kendra places are also called ‘Vishnu-Sthan’.

* These Kendra places are considered very auspicious and it is said that by the combination of

these places and Sthanadhipatis, inauspicious also becomes auspicious.

* What is called centripetal defect? It is necessary to know this. Maharishi Parashar has specially discussed this subject in his short work ‘Laghuparashari’ and has said – “Na Dishanti Shubham Nrunam Soumyaah Kendradhipaah   If. Krurashchedshubham hyete prabalashottottaram.”

* The meaning is that if the benefic planets (Guru, Venus, Mercury, and Moon) are the lords of

Kendradhipatya continuation,

* Kendra places (1,4,7,10)8 then they do not give their auspicious results to the native and If the planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn) are also the rulers of these centers, then they do not give the result of sin to the person. Jupiter, Venus, Full Moon, and Mercury alone have been counted as natural benefic planets.

* It is clear that no specific circumstances are required for the auspiciousness of Jupiter and Venus,

whereas the situation is slightly different in the case of Moon and Mercury. In the context of determining the

strength of Kendradhipatya dosha of auspicious planets,

Maharishi Parashar has rendered a sutra- “Kendradhipatyadoshastu Balwan Gurushukryoh.”

* That is, among the auspicious planets which are blamed for being Kendradhipati, Jupiter and Venus are prominent. After this, Mercury and Moon have Kendradhipatya dosha respectively – ‘Budhastadanu Chandropi Bhavet Tadanu Tadvidah.’

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Kendradhipatya ,

* Various commentators of Laghuparashari Granth have accepted that Jupiter has more

Kendradhipatya defect in the context of Kendradhipatya defect between Jupiter and Venus. We know that the main pleasures and favored subjects of the person’s life are considered from Jupiter and Venus,

* Therefore, if any one of these two is Kendradhipati, the person will get less auspicious results

related to that particular planet. Keeps maintained. Therefore, there is no difference of opinion in this regard, Jupiter and Venus have the highest central dosha.

But out of these two natural planets i.e. Jupiter and Venus, which planet is most prone to Kendradhipatya defect? This is a question worth considering. In this context, from Aries ascendant to Pisces ascendant i.e.

total twelve ascendants can be resolved only after careful analysis and discussion.

Guru- Jupiter suffers from Kendradhipatya dosha in four ascendants

These are – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

In the horoscope of Gemini Ascendant, both the signs of Jupiter, Sagittarius, and Pisces

fall in the seventh and tenth house respectively, that is, due to being the ruler of the seventh house and

the tenth house, the master gets Kendradhipatya dosha.

Similarly, in the horoscope of Virgo ascendant also, Jupiter is afflicted by Kendradhipatya

dosha due to being the second and third center places i.e. Chaturdesh and seventh lord.

In the horoscope of Sagittarius ascendant, Jupiter gets this defect because of the ascendant and

the fourth house, whereas in the horoscope of Pisces ascendant, Jupiter gets this defect because of

being the tenth and the ascendant.

Under the above circumstances, we find that if one zodiac sign of Jupiter falls in the Kendra place,

then its other sign also falls in the Kendra place. It is clear that Jupiter is unable to give auspicious results to

the native because of the placement of both his zodiac signs.


In the context of Venus, when we consider in the context of Kendradhipatya dosha,

we find that out of the total twelve Ascendants, there are eight Ascendants in which

Venus is Kendra and they get Kendradhipatya Dosha.

These ascendants are Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

The horoscope of Aries Ascendant, the sign of Venus resides in Libra in the third center (seventh house) and

its second sign resides in the second house.

Taurus ascendant, Venus is the ascendant (1st Kendra) and the sixth house.

Cancer ascendant, Venus is the ruler of the second center (fourth house) and eleventh house.

Leo ascendant, Venus is the lord of the fourth center (tenth house) and the third house.

Venus ascendant Libra is the lord of the first center (ascendant house) and the eighth house.

Scorpio ascendant, Venus is the ruler of the third center (seventh house) and the twelfth house.

Shani Capricorn Ascendant, Venus is the lord of the fourth center and the lord of the fifth house (triangle).

Saturn Aquarius ascendant also, Venus is the lord of the second center as well as the ninth house (tritrikon).

Kendradhipatya continues,

It is to be noted that out of the eight possibilities of Venus being the Kendra, six such situations are created,

while Venus being the Kendra, along with being the lord of the triad (3,8,12)

places or the trishaday (3,6,11) places.

It means that where Jupiter has Kendradhipatya dosha, his second zodiac sign also falls in the center places,

due to this he is unable to give his auspicious results, but he lacks the tendency to give inauspicious results.

On the other hand, in the case of Venus being the Kendra, there are 75% such occasions when the

second sign of Venus falls in the sin places 13 (Trik, Trishaday). Maharishi Parashar has considered 2,3,6,8,11,12 houses as cruel and inauspicious cognitions.

Out of twelve birth ascendants, where Jupiter is likely to be Kendradhipati 33.33%,

Venus has a 66.66% chance of suffering from Kendradhipatya Dosha.

Although when comparing the auspiciousness of Jupiter and Venus, Jupiter is definitely the best, but

it seems more reasonable to believe that Venus is more at fault in determining the strength of the central dosha.