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Astrologer in Leicester Angarak Yoga Birth Chart

Astrologer in Leicester:-What is Angarak Yoga in the birth chart and what are its effects?

According to Vedic astrology, Angarak Yoga is formed in any horoscope when Rahu or Ketu is

present along with Mars in the same house. Apart from this,

if Mars is also having a visual relation with Rahu or Ketu, then this yoga can also be formed.

Generally Angarak yoga is considered to be a bad and inauspicious yoga and it increases the problems in life.

According to Vedic astrology, Angarak dosha is included in bad yogas.

If you understand from the nature of Angarak, then a yoga which gives fruits like embers is formed.

In whichever house it is formed, it has the ability to destroy the factors of that house. Due to the effect of this yoga, changes occur in the nature of the person, and

there may be excess of anger in him.

This yoga affects the decision making ability of a person and he invites

problems due to his anger and accidents etc.

Mars is said to be the factor of brother, so due to the effect of this yoga,

many times a person does not get along with his brothers and there is a possibility of accidents. Enemies also have more influence on people with this type of yoga and they remain under mental stress.

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Getting Angarak Yoga Nivaran Puja

To be done by a qualified scholar is considered most appropriate as it pacifies the planets and reduces

their negative effects. In the form of Mangal Rahu Angarak Yoga or Mangal Ketu Angarak Yoga remedy,

doing peace of these planets through mantra chanting and Havan also gives good results.

As a remedy for Mangal Ketu Angarak Yoga, a red flag should be erected in the Hanuman temple on Tuesday. For the prevention of Angarak Yoga, worship of Goddess Mahalakshmi should be done and this

worship should be done when the Moon is situated in Rohini Nakshatra.

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Worshiping Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s son Kartikeya on Tuesday

Gives freedom from Angarak Dosha. For the prevention of Angarak Yoga, you can regularly recite Bajrang Baan and offer Chola to Hanuman ji. If both Mars and Rahu are giving inauspicious results, then Mars and Rahu should be donated [ Astrologer in Leicester ].

Wear silver on your body as it helps in pacifying both these planets. Help your brothers from time to time and improve your relationship with your in-laws. Sweet bread should be fed to the dogs of the road. The remedy for Angaraka Yoga is to wear a copper bracelet in your right hand and

chant the mantra Om Angarakaya Namah 108 times.

While sleeping at night, keep water in a copper jug ​​or pot near your head or pillow and

pour this water in a thorny plant or cactus in the morning. Wearing a copper ring in the ring finger on Tuesday also gives good results.