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Astrology consultation:- Astrological yoga for speculative gambling and profit

If God himself comes and tells a bookmaker that A team is winning today and B team is running in the match,

then the bookmaker will not be able to trust God even once. This was told to me by a bookie,

when I had made accurate predictions of three cricket matches in a row, actually

from an astrological angle there are different possibilities of speculative gambling and getting profit.

Astrology consultation is required – Now the question is that if a bookie is not getting the benefit of betting then

why is he playing bets? You must have also seen such gamblers, gamblers, and bookmakers who are not

making any profit for a long time, whether they have spent all their deposits, or have sold their wife’s jewelry,

even if the market is asking for money from them. But the bookie, like a drug addict, starts taking expressions as

soon as the match starts and keeps watching the match and

expressions with wide eyes till the end of the match.

Speculation gambling profit – 2

As per media and Astrology consultation for the first time in 2013 during a Premier League match,

such bookies came in my presence, who play by losing. Some have set their limits that they will play till such a

loss, then if not, there are some who get buried a little more under the mountain of debt every year. Since then I am constantly seeing that player bookies and earning bookies look different.

Being interested in playing Astrology of speculation [ Astrology consultation ] from an astrological angle and earning money from betting is different. Even if someone is a very good betting player, it is not a guarantee that he will

earn money from betting. Even if one has prior knowledge of the victory and defeat of the match,

even then it will not be possible to earn by trading in the match, without having proper Laxmi yoga.

Speculation gambling profit – 3

After learning how to draw cricket matches from my guruji, I practiced for a few years and got exactly eight

matches out of ten when I was at my best. My Guruji also got almost the same scoreas per Astrology consultation. It’s a very simple method, two people are fighting with each other and a

knife is put in the middle of them,

now we have to see which of these two will win.

From the point of view of astrology, one of these is a warrior ascendant, usually,

that warrior is your favorite and his opponent is the seventh house. We have to see by different methods whether the ascendant is winning or seventh. Whoever is heavier, the chances of winning will be higher.

One of the drawbacks of this method is that if it gives a result, it gives 100% result, but when it fails,

it fails miserably for no apparent reason. Due to which the match of the previous day turned out to be correct,

today’s match goes wrong for the same reasons. Two out of ten matches come when they go wrong for no reason at all.

Speculation gambling profit – 4

The difference between getting ten matches out of ten correctly and getting eight out of ten matches correct is

known only after seeing the experiment in practical terms. Let me give an example for this, which is a situation between me and a bookie…

A bookie was constantly trying to make big bets, trying to make big money from his ties through bookies, or

by finding out about matches from metaphysical knowledge. He came to know that I was taking out the match, so one day he met me. Didn’t say clearly that he wanted a match, just kept talking about it here and there, and

kept challenging me in between, that in any case, astrology cannot be matched. 

Astrology consultation – Although I have been a couple of people before such challengers, that day got caught in

the trap of that guy and said in the style of claiming that I get the exact eight out of ten, which two would be wrong, can’t say But if you count ten in total, eight of them will be correct.

Now the guy played another bet, he said that if any guy shows me a match right,

then I will give him ten thousand rupees for every match. When he said this, many people were sitting.

Speculation gambling profit – 5

Now the matter had come down from wealth and prestige among the four people. I said okay, call an hour before the match, I’ll let you know. The next day the guy got a call, I told the match, the match went on till the last over and on the last ball, my prediction was correct after catching the ball flying towards the boundary (this will probably be a matter of 2013, what was the match, now remember No). 

In the evening the guy did not make any calls and the next day before the match, the call came again. I said what happened to ten thousand rupees of the previous day, then said that after ten matches, I will give it together. OK, I told the match of the second day too, went well, the match of the third day also went well, the guy was calling continuously, the matches were going well. The match went wrong on the fourth day, by the end of the match, the guy got a call, almost shouting that I ruined him. I am speechless how come??

Speculation gambling profit – 6

He told that on the first day he did not believe, so he only watched the match, but did nothing, on the second day he dared to invest a small amount, as the match was going all thorns, he was not in a position to play big bets. On the third day, betting a little more than made a good profit.

On the fourth day, he spent all the money he earned on the second and third day, trusting my predictions, went up to 50 thousand rupees, and played. Now the match was turned upside down. I reminded him that only eight out of ten had to be right, so far only one has been wrong, but he was terribly stunned. He was a small bookie, so he got entangled with the amount of 50 thousand.

Within three days, he had solidified his faith that he would buy the Hotel Taj with Panditji’s predictions, but on the fourth day, the ground had smelled again. The fury was greater that the land on which the Taj Hotel was being built had been shaken.

Speculation gambling profit – 7

Sometimes he would suspect that I had deliberately told him wrong, sometimes he would suspect that someone had done witchcraft on him, was disturbed for several days. Later he lost contact with me. Since then I have never allowed any bookie to depend on me.

Another bookie says Astrology consultation trust you, there is no difference in that, but even if Lord Bholenath comes and tells a punter that today the match will be won by a certain team, even a skilled bookie will never play against the market air. He can only play by making the team his favorite, not completely dependent.”

Betting tendencies In astrology, betting is mainly seen from the fifth house. If the fifth house is very good then the person will never play betting, but if the fifth house is bad then the tendency of betting is found. If there is a weak Moon in the fifth house, then the chances of the person playing betting increase.

It is not necessary to bet only of cricket, rain, stock market, commodity market or spot can also bet on recession. There is a speculative trend here, not a particular game.

Speculation gambling profit – 8

A famous example is that one rainy evening in America, gamblers were being caught by the police from a casino when the gambler in the police car said that they can arrest us, but you cannot stop betting. The policeman asked how, then in response, the bookie asked the policeman itself whether it was raining lightly on the roof of the car and the droplets were standing on the upper surface of the windows on both sides, the drop on the left would come down first or on the right. ? 

The policeman began to look carefully at both the drops, in which the bookie laughed gleefully. This is betting. Even the bookies who are in jail throw slippers and bet that when there will be vomiting and when it will be straight.

In astrological yogas also, the fifth house is the third house of the third house. The third house is of courage, bond, and sportsmanship and its third house are of materialization of that bond. The fifth house is formed by the Bhavat Bhava principle. In this fifth house, I have seen bookies become bookies in the event of the conjunction of Ketu, Rahu, weak Moon, or Mars and Saturn.

Speculation gambling profit – 9

Lakshmi’s yogas are different. If the unfavorability of the fifth house gets the compatibility of the eleventh house, then only the person can earn profit from betting. This happens in the horoscope of very few bookies. Only one out of a hundred is such a bookie.

Not as a principle, but as a practical principle, the ascendant in the horoscope of a person should be strong, the lord of the third house is favorable, Mars is strong, the fifth house is bad, the ruler of the eleventh house or eleventh house is good and there is a powerful Lakshmi in the horoscope. Only if yoga is being formed can a person become a successful bookie.

Mars and Jupiter should be favorable in the horoscope of daily traders in the stock market and Rahu rules in the commodity market, Moon compatibility is needed in rain betting, and Moon and Mars in cricket betting. If the compatibility of these planets is not getting, then no matter how much interest there is, it is beneficial to keep distance from betting. No bookie should play bet during Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantar or Sukshma of Rahu.