Best Astrologer In Mumbai Near Me Asta Planets

best astrologer in mumbai near me asta planets

Best astrologer in Mumbai near me – asta planets also affect your life

Sun is the king of the planets in the sky. Sun is the source of truly renewable energy. All the planets live around
the Sun, whichever comes closer to the Sun, that planet becomes set, that is, there are clouds of danger on
its existence.
in which the set planet is sitting in the horoscope.
Let us know which planet sets when it comes close to the Sun and what is its effect on
human life.
*When the Moon comes 12 degrees or more closer to the Sun, then it sets.
*When Jupiter comes close to the Sun by 11 degrees or more, it automatically sets.
*The planet Mercury gets set when it comes 13 degrees or more from the Sun.
*But if Mercury is retrograde, then it sets when it comes around 11 degrees from the Sun.
*Venus gets set when it is 9 degrees or more close to the Sun. If Venus is moving retrograde, it will set when it comes 7 degrees or more closer to the Sun.
*When it is 15 degrees or more closer to the Sun, the planet Saturn gets set.
*Mars sets when it is 7 degrees or more close to the Sun.
*Best astrologer in Mumbai near me on Rahu-Ketu being shadow planets never sets.
*By the way, in my opinion, a planet should be considered to be set only when a planet is at a distance of 3
degrees or less from the Sun.
Moon Planet – When the Moon sets in a person’s horoscope, then there remains unrest in his life. Mother’s relationship is not good, mother’s health remains bad. If the waning moon is with the eighth house or the
eighth house, then the person suffers from depression for a long time. Various types of diseases arise when the moon is set, such as anemia, lung diseases, mental stress and asthma etc.
When Mars is set in the horoscope, there is a decrease in strength and courage, increase in anger, tension
with brothers, disputes in land and property, pain in nerves, accidents, litigation, physical pain to wife and
people associated with force, special Sufferings have to be faced. If Mars being the sixth house is aspected by sinful planets, then there are more chances of accidents and diseases. If Mars is set in the dwadashesh, then the person starts consuming intoxicants.
Due to the debilitation of the planet Mercury, a person suffers from lack of faith, cramps in the body, diseases
of breathing, skin diseases and throat etc. When Mercury is set, the mind of the youth gets confused, they do not feel like doing any work. When Mercury makes a relationship with the Dwadashesh, the youth gets addicted
to drugs and spends most of his money on drugs.
Jupiter Planet – If Jupiter’s Antardasha is going on in your Kundli and Jupiter is sitting in your sign,
then various types of problems can arise like liver disease, children’s lack of interest in studies,
typhoid fever, diabetes, Conflict with Guru, sinus problem, getting involved in lawsuits etc. Due to the
absence of the Guru, there will be a hindrance in the birth of children, the elders will suffer,
there will be obstacles in education and there will be a decrease in faith in God.
Venus – When the planet Venus is set in any horoscope, then women are prone to uterine diseases,
eye diseases, kidney diseases, secret diseases. When Venus comes under the influence of Rahu-Ketu,
then there is a decrease in the honor and respect of the person. Some people may also have to suffer humiliation due to some reason. If Venus is with the sixth house, then disorders of kidney, bladder and sexual organs arise. There are also obstacles in marriage when Venus is set.

Best astrologer in mumbai near me on planet Saturn – When Saturn is sitting in a person’s letter,

then there is back pain, pain in the legs, diseases of the nervous system, etc. If the ascending Saturn is associated with the sixth house, then there is a high possibility of backbone problems. Obstacles in employment, stress
from the boss in the job, lack of social prestige, addiction to drugs, etc. problems arise only when Saturn sets.