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best online astrologer in india Vastu & planets

What is the relation of nine planets with Vastu an explanation by best online astrologer in India :-

The human body and the universe are made up of five elements, the building is also a composite form of the
five elements. A happy life can be lived by establishing the harmony of the five elements
located in the universe, human body, and building.
* Sun is the lord of east direction and the factor of fire element. These are also considered to be factors of the father. In a natural horoscope, Leo represents the fifth house, due to which there is a special effect on
digestion as per best online astrologer in india. Due to the elevation of the east direction in the building or the construction of two chhattis there,
women have to face problems of orthopedics and government employees on a daily basis. It is necessary to have an auspicious effect on the building to live a healthy and dignified life.
* Moon is the factor of this water element and it has a special effect on the northeastern angle
(East-North) in the building. They play an important role in maintaining a balanced thought stream and auspiciousness. It also represents the mother. Their main function is to store water. Due to their balance, the person gets material things easily and the restlessness of the mind ends. It is considered auspicious to install them in the northeast of the building.
* Mars is the factor of fire element and they have a special effect on the south direction in the building in the
form of kitchen, due to which the presence of these three together near the kitchen, worship house,
toilet, bathroom and store room is a big danger. gives information. If this place is contaminated, the head of the house is prone to heart attack. People associated with force and media have to deal with problems every day. Establishing a kitchen in the igneous angle (east-south)
does not have a malefic effect of Mars agrees best online astrologer in india.
* Mercury This planet represents the earth element, and the north direction which flows positive energy,
it has a special effect on it. Being young and mathematician, they have jurisdiction in the education and meeting room of the students,
so they should also be kept away from toilet, kitchen, junk house etc., otherwise there is a
hindrance in the education of the children and discord in the family.
*Guru is the factor of the sky element and represents the northeast. The direction of the building in which the worship house will be built, that place will become their jurisdiction. Therefore, the worship house should be established in the northeast only. Due to contamination of this place – differences with elders, tension with in-laws,
financial constraints, and differences between family members will remain.
* Venus is the symbol of magnetism attraction, and is the lord of Agneya angle (east-south). The planet Venus is the god of demons, their beauty and enjoyment are their abode on the things of luxury. Due to the contamination of this place, there will be a decrease in bed happiness, obstacles in foreign travel,
more money spent on women’s health and a decrease in social prestige.
* Saturn is the factor of air element, and it has a special effect on the west direction. This justice and discipline
is dear to the members of the family in which there will be injustice, discipline, dirt, alcohol consumption, lies etc. In the direction of the house, where there will be basement, garbage, darkness, junk, etc., that place is considered as their permanent residence. Due to the contamination of the west direction –
problems like change of place, accidents in travel, lack of marital happiness, escape of servants,
theft in the house will continue.
* Rahu and Ketu, both these planets are the factors of southeast angle (south-west) direction. They have a special effect on the stairs and in the long streets. This is an energy factor planet, in the eighth house in a
natural horoscope, there is a special effect on Scorpio. Due to the contamination of this place- accident, suicide, piles disease, anemia and women have problems of abortion. While constructing the building, positive energy can be obtained by setting all these planets in the right direction.

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