Famous Indian Astrologers Who Were Aware Of Every Secret

Famous Indian astrologers who were aware of every secret

Famous Indian astrologers who were aware of every secret

(1) Aryabhata (First) - Aryabhata is the first mathematician astrologer whose texts and descriptions are received. In reality, astrology has a systematic history that goes back to their time. His calculations are connected to the Aryabhatiya-Tantra, the oldest astrological book that is still in existence. Dasgeetika, Mathematics, Kalkriya, and Gol are its four legs. It describes the day and night as the sun and stars being fixed and the earth moving. About their dwelling, scholars are divided; some refer to it as "Kusumpur."  of South country as their place and some people say 'Ashmakpur'. He claims to have spoken for 397 lines. A mathematical astrological concepts of Aryabhata are extremely sound.He has explained the scientific reasons for Sun and lunar eclipse and has given the important discussion of mathematical methods like square, square root, cube, cube root, etc.
(2) Varahamihira - The first Acharya to eloquently define astrology as Siddhanta, Samhita, and Hora was Varahamihira, the benign of Lord Surya.He created various writings about the three wings to symbolise the three wings. Siddhanta (arithmetic) - His famous work is in the wing - Panchasiddhantika, Brihatsamhita in SamhitaSakandha, and Brihajatakata in Horaaskandha are mainly enumerated. Verse 427 claims that they exist.He also goes by the name Avantikacharya because he was an inhabitant of Ujjain.  He learned all of astronomy from his father, Adityadas. The most developed and widely-accepted book of the wing is his Brihat Samhita. He is Suryaswaroop. His writing style is characterised by brevity, clarity, simplicity, esotericism, and devotion. He has composed 13 texts.
 The Phalit Shastra's most mature and authoritative book is his main work. There are numerous significant commentary on this, including Bhattottapali. Acharya Varahamihira gave great brilliance to this science by his talent. These are called martands of Indian astrology. Although by the time of Acharya (in Narada Samhita etc.), astrology was divided into Samhita, Hora, and Siddhanta - these three parts, however, Acharya arranged them further and gave them scientific form. His Panchasiddhantika treatise, which is related to the principles side of astrology, stands out for compiling the fundamentals without offering any theories (opinions) - among the first five Acharyas The contribution of (Pitamah, Vashistha, Romash, Paulish, and Surya) is significant.The most developed and widely-accepted book of the wing is his Brihat Samhita. It has 106 chapters. Bhattotpal's commentary on this is very famous.According to the Brajjatakas, astrology caused the ruin of the divine. It has 28 chapters.Because of the dream itself, it contains an accurate description of every element of astrology. Instead of taking into consideration the current mercury-depleting condition, a new condition has been provided in this.The destruction of this book is of great importance.

(3) Prithyush - Prithyush is the son of Acharya Varahamihira. The 'Shatpanchashika' written by him is a famous book of astrology. It has seven chapters.

(4) Kalyan Varma - He uses approximately 500 syllables. His written summary is Horastra's most important work. They are described as Gurjaradesh (Gujarat). The Saravali emblem is regarded as being incredibly genuine. It has 42 chapters. It is said that he had the blessings of Saraswati.Many verses from the tableau have been mentioned by Bhattottapala in the commentary on Brihajatakta.

 (5) Lallacharya - Lallacharya 'Shishidhividdhidantantra' scripture related to the principle wing of astrology is very famous. There are differences regarding their time, but some Acharyas say that they existed around 500 words. They have been described as imperishable. He also developed the books Jatakasara and Ratnakosh (Samhita Astrology). In all three sections, Lallacharya's mathematics, the Jataka, and the Samhita were flawless. The two major cases in Shishyadhivriddhitantra are Ganatadhyay and Goladhyaya. Ganitadhyaya has many rights (cases). Bhaskaracharyaji was particularly impressed by his knowledge.

(6) Bhaskaracharya the First - His time is believed to be around 530 Shakbadha. These two books are His Mahabhaskariya and Minabhaskariya. He also lectured on Aryabhatiya. These diverge from the works of renowned Bhaskaracharya author Lilavati.

(7) Brahmagupta- The great mathematician Acharya Brahmagupta is the exponent of Brahmasiddhanta. Their time is 520 words. The famous Bhaskaracharya has called him 'Ganakachakra-Chudamani'. He produced the Karan Granth called Brahmsfutasiddhanta and Khandakhadya. He is the son of Vishnu. They were locals of the hamlet of Vibhamal in the province of Gurjar. He established fresh thoughts and established outstanding mathematical principles. Arya, Solar, and Brahman are said to be the only three concepts (methods of mathematics), and each of them has had three Acharyas. - (1) Aryabhata, (2) Varahamihira and Brahmagupta. He was a brilliant and well-versed student of Ved Vidya. He is credited as the creator of arithmetic because he developed numerous algebraic rules. Alberuni has greatly admired his mathematical knowledge. Aryabhata also required him, but he also vehemently disagreed with many of his viewpoints in Khand Food.
(8) Sridharacharya - Sridharacharya ranks second among the astrologers of algebra. His Ratnamala, Algebra, Jataka technique, Trishatika (Pati Mathematics), etc. are famous texts. Later Bhaskaracharya etc. are greatly obliged by his principles.

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