How Trees Can Change Your Future

How trees can change your future

How trees can change your future:-We get fruits, flowers, vegetables, tuber-roots, medicines, herbs, spices, grains, etc. from the vegetation of trees, plants, creepers, etc. All the above vegetation, keeping the balance of our climate and environment, rain, The river

also protects the mountains and the sea. On the basis of local beliefs in India, there are many trees that are

considered to be the haunt of ghosts and there are many trees in which the gods reside. Let’s see as per the best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR:

There is also a belief among the people of India that there are trees that move and fly. In relation to Kalpavriksha, there is such a belief that he fulfills all our desires.

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Gold can be made from some trees or plants, so there are some trees that can bring happiness and prosperity

by planting them at home. People who believe in tantra-mantra are often engaged in searching for trees

whose perfume of captivity from the bark or any other part, they want to make a medicine to become Trikala-yajna

by opening the vase or disappearance. The importance of all the medicinal, religious, environmental,

commercial, social, etc. of the trees has been described in detail in all the texts like Vedas, Puranas, Gita, etc.

We will tell you how trees affect our lives and how we can change our lives through trees. If you have any

kind of problem in your life like debt, childlessness, homelessness, wealth, disease, and bereavement,

then it can be solved through trees.

God messenger tree(Eshwar doot tree): In Hinduism, the worship and prayer of all elements of nature are

prevalent and important, because Hinduism believes that nature is the first representative of God.

All elements of nature inform about the existence of God, hence nature has been considered as Bhagwati,

divine, and ancestral entity.

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Hinduism is closely associated with the tree. If we call Hinduism the religion of trees, there will be no exaggeration. The universe is called the inverted tree. Earlier this universe was in seed form and now it appears in tree form. In the Holocaust, it will be in seed form again.

Apart from this, planting a banyan, a pomegranate, curry leaves, a jamfal, basil, a lemon, an Ashoka, jasmine,

a Champa tree keeps the wealth, prosperity, and peace at home by staying healthy.

Parikrama can prevent shoke and disease: Often you will have seen that there is a law for revision of

Peepal and Vatavriksha. All the deities reside in the Peepal tree mentioned in the Skanda Purana. In the shade of peepal, a healthy oxygen-rich environment is created. With this environment, there is mitigation and regulation of

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and the balance of the three conditions is also maintained. It also provides mental peace.

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In the context of Ashwaththopanayan fast, Maharishi Shaunak says that the three times circling of the

Peepal tree in Mangal Muhurta and offering water causes destruction of poverty, grief, and misfortune. People get longevity and prosperity by worshiping people. The Ashwattha fasting ritual gives the girl unbroken good luck.

Every element of peepal like bark, leaves, fruits, seeds, milk, potted, and spices, and all types of diseases are

useful in diagnosis. In Hindu religious texts, Peepal has been considered amritulya. Due to disinfecting the most oxygen, it is called the storehouse of life. It has a great ability to generate the most oxygen and assimilate toxic gases.

Relief from ill effects of Saturn: On Saturday Amavasya, worshiping the Peepal tree and doing 7 revolutions,

lighting a lamp of mustard oil with black sesame and shading it provides relief. On Saturday Amavasya with Anuradha Nakshatra, Saturn gets rid of suffering due to the worship of the Peepal tree. At the end of Amavasya in the month

of Shravan, worshiping Hanuman under the Peepal tree on Saturday, one can get rid of all kinds of crises.

How trees can change your future [ Debt relief tips of Vastu ]:

* Burn a lamp of flour on a banyan leaf and place it under any Hanuman temple or

peepal tree on Tuesday. This measure will get rid of debt.
* Make a swastika sign with vermilion mixed with jasmine oil on a coconut and place at the feet of

Lord Hanuman jee.
* Bring water from the well of the crematorium to a peepal tree. This work should be done regularly on 7 Saturdays.

Business benefits: If there is a continuous loss in business, then on Thursday, wrap a coconut and a quarter meter

in yellow cloth and offer it with a pledge to any nearby Vishnu temple with janeu, pav confectionary. The business will start immediately.

Start messed up work:

If success in work is not achieved, wrap a thread in a peepal tree and burn a lamp of sesame

oil till 19 Saturdays. Keep 11 grains of black urad in this lamp. Offer water to the basil plant every day except

Sunday and come out for work only by offering to the Sun God, all work will be done.

Freedom from Pitradosh:

The offering of water daily on the Peepal tree and reading Hanuman Chalisa is the mitigation of Pitradosh. The planting of holy peepal and banyan trees also brings peace to the fathers and reduces the defects.

Offer water, flowers, akshat, milk, Ganga water, black sesame on the Peepal tree in the afternoon and

remember the heavenly family and ask for their blessings.

Continuous Barkat:

Bring the banyan leaf in Ashlesha Nakshatra and keep it in the granary, the store will be full. Keeping the bales of turmeric, betel leaf and betel nut in the vault will keep a store of wealth. Keeping basil and banana plant in the house will always remain Barkat.

Freedom from Vastu defects:

The easiest way to get rid of Vastu defects in the house is to plant trees around the house. By asking any

astrologer and Vastu expert, plant such trees around the house,

which can change the energy of your house and prevent Vastu defects.

Mango-Ashoka is special:

Whenever there are any Manglik works in the Hindu religion, the atmosphere of the Manglik festival is purified

by putting a fight of Mango or Ashoka leaves on the doors and

walls of the house or place of worship. Mango leaves are often used for decoration in religious pandals and pavilions. The atmosphere is purified by spreading positive energy from mango or Ashoka leaf. There are thousands of varieties of mango trees and the fruit it contains is famous all over the world. Many types of diseases are cured by mango juice.

Bhavishyavakta Shami:

In the time of Vikramaditya, the well-known astrologer Varahamihira has provided a reference to

botany and agricultural produce in his chapter titled ‘Kusumlata’ in his book titled ‘Brihatsamhita’. There is mention of the Shami tree i.e. Khizde. According to Varahamihira, the year when the Shami tree grows more and more, a drought situation arises in that year. Worshiping it on the day of Vijayadashami also means that this tree gives an

early indication of the impending agricultural misery so that the farmer can get rid of the

impending disaster by making more efforts than before.

Bilvaa tree:

Is a tree found in many parts of the world? Bilva tree is the main part of the worship of Lord Shiva in Hinduism. Bilva Patras are offered on the Shivling. Chemicals like tannins, iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium are found in bilva leaves full of medicinal properties. Bilva Patra is very useful in increasing eyesight, killing stomach worms, and prevent cancer.

It is believed that Goddess Mahalakshmi also lives in the Bell Tree. Those who offer belapatra to Lord Shiva and Parvati are blessed with both Mahadev and Goddess Parvati. Its glory is described in detail in ‘Shivpuran’.

Child happiness:

It is believed that on the day of Ashwini Nakshatra, by pouring vine leaves in the milk of a colored cow,

giving milk to the childless child, she gets a child.

Ashoka tree:

Ashoka tree should be planted in the house in the north direction due to which positive energy is

transmitted in the house. Happiness, peace, and prosperity are maintained by having an Ashoka tree in the house and there is no premature death.

It is believed that by planting an Ashoka tree in the house or wearing its root at an auspicious time,

a person gets freedom from all exploitations. Ashoka tree is going to destroy Vata-pitta etc. dosha, indigestion, Trisha, dah, worm, inflammation, toxin, and blood disorders. It is chemical and stimulant. Skin disease is also cured by its use.

Remedy for Marital Happiness:

If there is a quarrel between the husband and wife, then according to astrology, on the first Monday of the

Shukla Paksha, offer a lamp of ghee and sandalwood incense sticks to the roots of the Ashoka tree. The tree should be wished for while offering water to it. Then pluck 7 leaves from the tree and bring them home, worship them

with reverence and keep them in the temple of the house. Do this worship again next Monday and later dry leaves flow into the running water.

How trees can change your future – Coconut tree:

In Hinduism, no mangal work is done without coconut. During the puja, coconut is placed over the Kalash after filling it with water. This is the Mars symbol. Coconut offerings are offered to God. Coconut water contains high amounts of potassium. Drinking this does not cause any numbness in the body.

Unknown Fear:

If there is a problem with Saturn, Rahu, or Ketujan, there is an upper barrier,

work is getting worse, some unknown fear is intimidating you or it seems that someone has done something to

your family, then its prevention For Saturday, take a hot Jatawala coconut and wrap it in black cloth. With 100 grams of black sesame, 100 grams of urad dal, and 1 nail, flow it in running water. It is very beneficial to do so.

Good Health from pomegranate:

While positive energy is produced from the pomegranate tree, this tree also has many medicinal properties. Pomegranates are counted in Pancha fruits during worship. Using pomegranate increases blood volume. This makes the skin beautiful and smooth. Drinking pomegranate juice daily or eating pomegranate enhances the complexion of the skin. Mixing one teaspoon of the powder of pomegranate peels in raw milk and rose water and

applying it on the face makes the face glow. Pomegranate is beneficial in diseases of sexual weakness, indigestion, diarrhea, dysentery, asthma, cough, bad breath. Wrinkling or loosening of flesh in the body is eliminated by its use.

Freedom from disease and love Neem:

Neem is considered a miraculous tree. This tree, which is considered as the form of Maa Durga, is sometimes called ‘Neemari Devi’. This tree is worshiped. It is said that the smoke of neem leaves protects from evil and evil spirits. Neem cools, lightens, grapples in gracious pak, dear to heart, Agni, wat, diligence,

Trisha, anorexia, creamy, ulcer, phlegm, Vamana, leprosy and destroys various pomegranates.

Banyan in the east of the house, Peepal in the west, Pakar in the north, and Sycamore tree in

the south are auspicious, but it should not be within the boundary of the house. Low altitude plants should be planted in the north and east areas of the house. Plantation should be done in Uttara, Swati, Hasta, Rohini, and Mool Nakshatras. Planting does not result in sterilization.

In the south and west area of the house tall trees (coconut ashokadi) should be planted. This increases auspiciousness. There is no home squabble in the house where the Nigudi plant is located. In the house where a bilva tree is planted, the house of Lakshmi has been described. The person who wishes for a son who gives good children and happiness should plant a Palash tree. Tulsi plant is auspicious in the home range.

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Keep this in mind: Do not forget to use mango and acacia wood in the door and door frame. Do not plant any plant in front of the main gate of the house. Due to this, there is a difference between the door, and the health

of the children will also be adversely affected.

Planting bamboo plant is inauspicious. Fruitful trees should not be within the boundary of the building except berries and guava. This worsens the health of children. Planting milk trees in residential premises leads to loss of money. Mahua, Peepal, Banyan should be outside the house. Can plant Kevda and Champa. Barren trees like hatred, pakad, acacia, sycamore, etc. create enmity in the house. Exceptions are Jati and Rose. Do not plant cactus plants at home.

What to do if boring is in the wrong direction of Vastu?

If a stream or a river flows near your house in such a way that its flow is in any other direction except the

northeast or its rotation is counter-clockwise, then it is a water defect of Vaastu. The solution to this is to place a

statue of Ganesh dancing in the northeast corner of the house, facing west. If the place/boring of water in the house

is in the wrong direction, then in the building facing the south-west, then put a picture of Panchmukhi Hanumanji.