Jupiter Remedies From Lal Kitab If It Is Not Placed Well

Jupiter remedies from Lal Kitab if it is not placed well

Jupiter remedies from Lal Kitab if it is not placed well:- Jupiter the lord of Sagittarius and Pisces is considered high in Cancer and low in Capricorn.

Its Sun-Mars Moon friend Venus Mercury enemy and Saturn Rahu time.

Being with Mars makes you strong. In the Lal Kitab enemies and friends are according to the position of the horoscope.

According to Lal Kitab here are the remedies according to the food to make Jupiter auspicious.

As per the most accepted Vedic astrologer in Delhi below is a list of Signs of Jupiter’s in-auspiciousness:

Hair blows from the peak place on the head injury.

A person gets into the habit of wearing garlands in the throat.

Gold is lost or stolen.

Without reason, education stops.

Rumours of a meaningless relationship with a person are blown out.

Eye discomfort.

Problems in business or machinery malfunctions.

Unnecessary arguments and enemies with other people.

Be-trails in business or a snake’s dream or both.

Disease related to Breathing or lungs.

Pain in the throat.

Lal Kitab continues.

Two five nine  Jupiter in the twelfth house or Jupiter is sloppy if the enemy planets are with him.
If you are facing issues with your marriage it may be a side effect of Jupiter lets us understand what the most popular matrimonial astrologers in Delhi have to say for Jupiter remedies as per its placement in the Horoscope

Jupiter Results in the First House

If Saturn does not build his own house in the fifth house.

If you are in the ninth house then take care of your health.

Rahu if in the eighth or eleventh house takes care of the father.

Cow and untouchables should be served.

Silver should be worn on the nose for forty-three days.

Jupiter results in the Second House

Do not do any work related to the sun.

In order to get the best fruits of the planet in the second house, donate with reverence.

It is considered appropriate to feed the snake in a controlled and safe environment.

Jupiter results in the Third house

Keep good relations with brothers and sisters.

Do not insult Durga maa even by mistake.

Respect women and your girls and it really works.

Worship mother Durga and offer her blessings by offering bhog.

Jupiter results in the fourth house

If the Guru's enemies are in the tenth house be careful. Slander can happen.

Respect the sister-wife and mother.

If there is trouble due to the Guru sitting here do not set up a temple at home.

Relief is also obtained by taking the blessings of the elders and feeding the Nag Devta.

Jupiter results in the fifth house

Happiness and peace are peace so do not make him sad.

If inauspicious Ketu is in the eleventh house do not take anything from anyone in the name of religion.

Do not do any work for charity.

Do not take donations or gifts from anyone.

Jupiter Results in the sixth house

Keep good behaviour with sister aunt and aunt.

Live your earnings only through hard work and not through shortcuts.

Abandon carelessness and laziness.

Start to appreciate even the small things that you receive.

Donate items related to the Guru to the temple.

Donate clothes to a monk or pundit.

Jupiter Results in the seventh house

It is forbidden to keep a temple inside the house.

Do not donate clothes as it is prohibited

Stay away from other women and worship Lord Shiva.

Jupiter results in the eighth house

Flow related to Rahu such as wheat sattu and coconut in running water.

Donate ghee potato and camphor to the temple.

Jupiter results in the ninth house

Conduct against religion can lead to waste.

Visit Rojana Temple

Flow the rice into the water.

maintain distance from the wine.

Jupiter Results in the tenth house

After marriage, does not have a relationship with any other woman.

Trust your labor and work hard.

If Saturn is in one-ten four do not give anyone anything to eat or drink four Donate almonds at religious places.

Put saffron tilak on the forehead.

Put copper coins in running water.

Jupiter results in the eleventh house

Help the poor in every way possible.

Do not insult your father.

Do not hate the player.

maintain relationships and do not spoil them.

Always wear gold jewellery.

Offer water to the Peepal tree.

Wear copper bangles or bracelets.

Jupiter results in the twelfth house

Do not cut trees.

Do not insult the Guru or the monk.

Did not speak too much.

Serve food to monks and pundits [ Jupiter remedies from Lal Kitab if it is not placed well ].

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