Know What Is The Constellation And Constellation Month

Know what is the constellation and constellation month

The basis of a Hindu census is based on the motion of the constellation the Sun and the Moon.

In this, the constellation has an all-important position. A group of stars is called a

constellation or Nakshatra in Hindi.

There are eighty-eight known constellations including mythological beings plants people and objects and they

take many forms. The name is generally given on the basis of the shape formed within the constellation by

the brightest stars. Some of these shapes are much more noticeable than others.

Before moving on to the Nakshatra and Nakshatra month we must know what is solar and

lunar month from the famous astrologer in delhi

Solar month or Saurmas

Sun s zodiac change is called Sankranti. The new year of solar month begins with Makar Sankranti. We name this time period that is needed to complete one revolution around the sun by the earth a solar year. A month of solar means one-twelfth of a year of solar. This solar month is usually 30 days. The solar year is basically three hundred sixty-five days.

The best astrologer in Delhi says that there are two parts in a solar year called Ion or Ayan which further divides into two types

Uttarayan Sun When the Sun enters Capricorn from Sagittarius Uttarayan occurs. The Pausha Magha month of Chandramas is going on during Uttarayan.
Dakshinayan Sun The Sun enters the Cancer sign from Gemini then the Sun is Dakshinayan.

Saurmas months

The following are the names of the Saurmas or the twelve major constellations

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Taurus Sagittarius Aquarius Capricorn Pisces. They are also called zodiac signs. Two and a half constellations travel in a zodiac sign.

Lunar Month or Chandramasa

A month which is a month of the two sides Krishna and Shukla of the art of the Moon is called Chandramasa. It’s the period between new moons in sequence. There are twenty-nine thirty twenty-eight and twenty-seven days according to the fluctuation of the lunar month. In total this lunar month is three hundred fifty-five days. The lunar year is eleven days three times forty-eight seconds shorter than the solar year so one month is added to it every three years. As per the famous astrologer in India There is a difference of ten days between solar and lunar months. Also called a lunation or synodic month. These ten days are considered to be Chandramas. Yet such grown-up days are called Malamas or Adhimas.

Lunar months

Here is a list of the names of the lunar months

Chaitra Vaishakh Jyeshtha Ashadh Shravan Bhadrapad Ashwin Kartik Agahan Poush Magh and Falgun.

The names of the lunar months on the day of the full moon in which the moon resides in the constellation

Chaitra are Chitra Swati.
Vaishakh are Visakha Anuradha.
Jyeshtha are Jyeshtha mool.
Ashadh are Purvashadh Uttarashadh Satbhisha.
Shravan are Shravan Dhanishtha.
Bhadrapada are Purvabhadra Uttarabhadra.
Ashwin are Ashwin Revati Bharani.
Kartik are Kritika Rohini.
Margashirsha are mrigashira Uttara.
Poush are Punarvasu Pushya.
Magh are Magha Ashlesha.
Falgun are Purvafalgun Uttarafalgun Hast.

What is a Constellation Month

The constellation in the sky is called Nakshatra. They are generally associated with the path of the moon. making astrological calculations from the constellation is part of Vedang astrology. The constellations are like the milestones of our sky system which shows the extent of the sky. Although there are eighty-eight constellations, only twenty-seven are considered on Chandra Path. Just as the sun travels from Aries to Pisces similarly the moon travels in the constellation from Ashwini to Revathi and it is called Kaal Nakshatra month. It lasts for about twenty-seven days so that s why a constellation of twenty-seven days is called a month.

Names of Nakshatra Month

Ashwin          Svati
Bharani          Visakha
Kritika          Anuradha
Rohini          Jyeshtha
Mrigashira          Mula
Ardra          Purva Ashadha
Punarvasu          Uttara Ashadha
Man          Sravana
Analaya          Sravishta
Magha          Shatabhisha
Eastern Phalguni          Purva Bhadrapada
Uttara Phalguni          Uttara Bhadrapada and
Bhadrapada          Revati


Homeowners of the Constellations
Ketu are Ashwin Magha Mool.
Venus are Bharani Purva Phalguni Purvashada.
Ravi are Karthik Uttara Phalguni Uttarashada.
Chandra are Rohini Hasta Shravan.
Mars are mrigashira Chitra Dhanishtha.
Rahu are ardra Swati Shatabhisha.
Jupiter are Punarvasu Visakha Purva Bhadrapada.
Shani are Pushya Anuradha Uttara Bhadrapada.
Mercury are Ashlesha, Jyestha, Revati.