Mars Rahu Conjunction

Mars rahu conjunction

Mars Rahu conjunction Angarak yog will have a special effect on these zodiac signs, is it your zodiac sign?

Effect of Mars-Rahu conjunction (Angarak Dosha) on zodiac signs

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Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces: Good for these 4 zodiac signs

In these signs, Mars will be in a better position and Rahu will make Mars stronger. Such a person will be courageous and active. His willpower will be of a high standard and his actions will be well directed.

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Capricorn: this very auspicious for zodiac

The effect of the conjunction of Mars and Rahu is best in Capricorn, where Mars is exalted and Rahu will result in exalted Mars. Due to its effect, the person will be very hardworking and will always work according to the law.

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Cancer: Very inauspicious for this zodiac sign

As Mars is debilitated, its effect on Cancer can be worst, and Rahu will badly affect the results of a weak Mars. Due to its effect, anger can dominate the person, as well as he can easily get involved in physical fights.

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Scorpio: Unexpected ups and downs

Here Mars is in Self, but the presence of Rahu means that there will be some unexpected ups and downs in one’s life. But one thing is that the presence of Mars will give courage and willpower to deal with all these ups and downs. This person can be very good at mystic sciences.

Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius: These zodiac signs will be troubled

Here Mars is in enemy sign, so the person may not have the right idea or direction to work.

Taurus and Libra: neither good nor bad

Here Mars is in a neutral house. Neither too good nor too bad. Therefore, like any house or zodiac, the Rahu-Mars combination in these zodiac signs will make a person diligent towards the house of the horoscope and the factors related to the zodiac.