Muslim marriage is called Nikah which means - union of male - female. Marriage in Islam is a contract signed by two witnesses. The reward of this contract i.e. 'Mehr' is given to the bride.'

1. Nikah or valid marriage: - This marriage is done according to complete customs and rituals. All restrictions and conditions are complied with. The marriage is done with the free consent of the husband and wife. This marriage is the most popular marriage.
 This is the only marriage among Sunnis.

2. Mutah Marriage:- When the woman is bound by the mutual consent of the men in marital bond for a fixed and specific period. At the end of this period, the marriage terminates automatically. This temporary marriage is found among Shia Muslims. The children born out of marriage have the right over the property of the father. But the wife has no right over the husband's property. It is not popular in India.

3. Fasid marriage: - When there is any deficiency or irregularity in the marriage or any difficulty remains in the marriage, then it is called Fasid marriage. By removing the irregularity, the marriage can become regular or correct or valid marriage. Fifth marriage by a person or marriage to a non-Muslim woman is a fasid marriage, but if one of the wives divorces or the woman converts to Islam, this marriage will become valid.

In Muslim marriage, the amount of Mehr is also fixed at the time of Nikah. Mehr is the property or money given by the groom to the girl. Mehr is a method to stop the abuse of divorce and the practice of polygamy.

1 :- Satwar or fixed Mehr, (paid before or at the time of marriage)
2- Postponed Mehr, (fixed at the time of marriage and paid for divorce or otherwise)

3- Appropriate Mehr, (Not fixed at the time of marriage and is taken according to the financial condition of the husband at the time of divorce.)

 At the time of marriage, some valid document is signed by both the parties. The amount of Mehr is also fixed in the document.