Online Astrology Without Time Of Birth

Online astrology without time of birth

online astrology without time of birth:-If there is no horoscope then know your future from Ramal Vidya
From the creation of the universe, astrology is called the eye of the Veda God,

among the 6 scriptures that explain our four Vedas, there is also an astrology.

Astrology has three parts:-

(1) Result

(2 Mathematics)

(3) Theory.

Through astrology, knowledge of past, future, present, form, quality, nature, age and all kinds of

auspicious and inauspicious can be obtained. Astrology is such a science,

if it is interpreted correctly, then everything is known about the past and future of a person.

There are 6 main distinctions of result astrology under Online astrology without time of birth. (1) Jataka (2) Samhita (3) Question (4) Tajik (5) Muhurta and (6) Ramal.

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Today we will talk about Ramal astrology(Online astrology without time of birth):-

Ramal is also one of the 6 branches of astrology. It is described in the scriptures that in front of Lord Shiva, distraught by the separation of Mahasati,

Mahabhairav made four points and asked him to find his desired beloved Sati in it.

He proved this by special legislation and saw his beloved in the seventh world. Since then this line and Bindu Shastra originated.

The second most popular story about this lore is that once a man was walking in the Arabian desert,

eventually getting tired of walking.

Sand was visible all around. He forgot the route to the destination and became very worried.

four lines and four points were made by the real Shakti. Told him such a method that he knew the way to the destination. From there this scripture originated.

Our biggest mistake is that we have strayed from our culture.

Ramal Vidya is born in India itself but other countries have adopted it. It is believed that it was born in India itself.

This knowledge, which developed in India for a long time, spread far and

wide and with the effect of time, its importance here decreased. When the country was ruled by the Muslims, it got royalty.

Because, unlike Indians, Muslims did not know the other subtle elements of astrology. Therefore, it got more publicity during his time. In India, scholars of many disciplines from time to time take recourse to know the

future predictions and solutions, and many branches of astrology are also present at present.

Among them Ramal (Arabic astrology) i.e.

Ilm-e-Ramal is one of the most important, unique, fast-solving problems of the world of astrology,

in which a complete account of only nature (immovable and movable) is given to a particular event. Before, it can be discovered by researching in time.

The specialty of this science is that the horoscope is not necessary. In Ramal Shastra, there is never a need for the horoscope of the questioner i.e. the petitioner. Even the name of the questioner, the name of the parents,

the clock, the day, the day, the time, and the Panchang is not required.

The questioner should only go to Ramlacharya for his desired question of good and bad, profit and loss,

how long such work will be done, through whom and other immediate questions, etc. And it is very important to have a feeling of trust in the mind of the questioner.

Arabic dice:-

In Ramal Shastra, every difficult problem of life is guided and solved by rolling Arabic dice. Dice is called ‘Kura’ in the Arabic language. These are placed on the hands of the questioner and put at a particular place and

the shape (shakti) obtained from them is made according to astrological mathematics, that is, ‘Jaicha’.

Through that extension, the guidance solution of all the questions of the questioner is obtained immediately through mathematics.

This whole process happens when the questioner is in front of Ramlacharya. If the questioner is not in front of Ramlacharya, then all the questions of the questioner

can be answered with their solution by the ‘Question Form’ which has been prepared by a new research in the present period.

The result obtained by both the methods of querying is the same. There is never any difference in the results obtained from them, but the mathematical situation is definitely completely different.

Accurate predictions from Ramal astrology-

Nowadays, to know the future by Indian astrology, some people do not have or are

not complete in their horoscope and even those who have it are not completely correct,

due to which their predictions are not complete and correct.

Because of this, the questioner is not completely mentally satisfied nor does he get the desired benefit,

but there is no need for horoscopes etc. in Ramal Shastra. The results of Ramal Shastra are quite accurate in comparison to them.

How is Ramal questionnaire?

Under the Ramal questionnaire, a square plate made of

sandalwood is made, 1, 2, 3, and 4 are carved on it. Then three dice are made of the same wood on which the numbers are written in the same way.

Then while meditating on Maa Kushmanda, all the three dice are released. The number that comes to him is written on the same number.

444 questions are results in this way. After rolling the dice in Ramal Shastra, Prastar i.e. ‘Jaicha’ is made. Prastar consists of 16 houses. On 13, 14, 15 and 16 there are witnessing i.e. witnessing houses. 13,7,5,1 are firely elements as per Prastar’s . Water element houses are 2, 6, 10, 14, 13, 7, 11, 15. Another similar type of padhati is Ram Shalaka.

If any one of the digits

1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16 comes, then success is definitely achieved.

If you do not have a horoscope, then send me your information through Ramal Jyotish Shastra.

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