Similarities And Differences In Mars Ketu

Similarities and differences in Mars Ketu

Similarities and differences in Mars Ketu:-Mars has got the third place among the nine planets and Ketu is the ninth place, yet it is written at many places in

the books of astrology that Mars and Ketu are the planets giving similar results. In astrology, Mars and Ketu are called malefic planets like Rahu and Saturn. Both Mars and Ketu are considered to be fiery and angry in nature. Their nature is fire-oriented. Despite Mars and Ketu being one nature, there are many differences between them and

Mars Ketu appears to be similar in many subjects.

The similarity in Mars and Ketu

Both Mars and Ketu are hot planets. But, their enthusiasm does not last long. Like the boiling of milk, the sooner their enthusiasm starts touching the sky, the sooner it becomes cold. Therefore, the people affected by these do not stick

to any issue for a long time, soon their enthusiasm decreases and they withdraw from the issue. This quality of Mars and Ketu is that they like power and pleasure very much. They make a lot of progress in politics and in government affairs. They find it interesting to rule rather than be ruled. Both Mars and Ketu are said to be painful, violent, and hard-hearted. But, when both these planets come on giving, they start showing the zenith of generosity,

that is, they fill the house with respect, wealth, and wealth [ Similarities and differences in Mars Ketu ].

The difference in Mars Ketu

Mars Ketu has the distinction of physical and non-material like Saturn and Rahu, that is, Mars is present in the form of a physical body in the solar system, whereas Ketu is the literal point of the Moon’s ecliptic where the Moon crosses the Earth’s path and moves towards the south. . Mars has two planets Aries and Scorpio whereas Ketu does not have its own zodiac. Like Rahu, Ketu also takes control of the zodiac in which it is present.
When Mars comes to do something for someone because of its valor, then it is ready to sacrifice its life for him.

But, the other aspect of its might is that if it comes to enmity, then it does not hold back even from

taking life. Ketu also has a similar characteristic that when it comes to sacrifice, it assumes gratitude. It does not take time even to renounce the royal pleasures, but, when there is a desire to get it,

with his cleverness and diplomacy, he also converts the hut into a palace.