Impact Of Aspects Of The Planets On The Seventh House And How Married Life Shapes

Impact of aspects of the Planets on the Seventh House and how married life shapes

The seventh house is very important in terms of the happiness of marriage and family. As much importance as the zodiac present and the planet sitting in it equally important is the effect of the planets aspects.

The famous astrologer in Delhi says that the seventh house should not be aspected by the sun as it is considered inauspicious. There is a natural delay in marriage. There is always sourness in the married life of the native. These differences can also occur due to differences in the level of the native and his wife or husband. Because on the seventh sun, the life partner gets a better level than himself and is also effective.

Impact of aspects continues,

The Sun of the seventh often also gives wealth. Due to this reason also differences between the two remain after marriage. For a job seeker trying to attain a job only when the seventh sun is there. There is a possibility of losses in doing business. If the Sun of the seventh has an inauspicious effect then the person gets a sure job.

If the moon is aspected to the seventh house then the life partner is very attractive. He is soft heated passionate and mild-mannered. Such natives get full support from life partners. If a woman has the seventh moon in her horoscope without fault then the husband also gives full support in household chores. These natives should take interest in the free profession. They are interested in collecting money and can sometimes be called a miser.3

Impact of aspects continued,

If mars is aspecting the seventh house then it is not auspicious. The fruits of mars of Capricorn are more intense. The sight of the Ascendant mars makes the husband or wife arrogant and reduces the happiness of marriage. Both are sharp short-tempered and hence differences persist.

The sight of mars in the fourth house also gives inauspicious results. The partner can have abdominal diseases. Second marriage is also possible. Overall in these conditions of mars, the horoscope is called Manglik so it is good to get married on mars only while getting married otherwise the marriage is not going to get happiness. If the sight of mars is in the wife’s horoscope then it makes the husband fond of intoxicants and non-vegetarians.

Impact of aspects continues,

The Aspects of planets on the seventh house are not only important in many cases but sometimes it changes the fruit itself. In the previous issue, we discussed the vision of Sun mars and moon on the seventh. Now we will talk about the sight of Guru Mercury and Venus on the seventh according to the best Vedic astrologer in Delhi.

The Aspect of mercury on the seventh makes the native behaving eloquent and wise. Such people are often associated with the work of writing and publishing. If this mercury is in the male zodiac then this possibility becomes stronger and the native makes its livelihood.

The influence of mercury makes the person a foodie that is to eat more and this increases the weight of the native. mercury maintains a good sense of life partners with a good sense of humor also.

Impact of aspects continued

The opposite partner is speechless as the native has a habit of speaking a lot and if mercury is inauspicious then speaking it can be bitter sarcastic or taunting. mercury in the zodiac of the fire element also makes the person mimicry and humorous. The sight of mercury makes the mentally unstable so the thoughts about the partner also appear to be changing.

If Guru aspects seventh house while in the Lagna then the person is beautiful intelligent and wise. He comes of age and is ready to help others. Yes, they also have the arrogance of their knowledge. A life partner is well educated good-natured and intelligent. If the Guru stays in the third house and sees the seventh then he shows a lack of education. One does not get the happiness of an elder sister only one gets wealth or fame. Due to separation from life partners, it remains sour. If the Guru is in the eleventh house then it is good for the native and his partner but the son lacks happiness. The lion s master grows this inauspicious. These people only get a loss in business.

The seventh Aspect of Venus makes Jataka and his partner attractive. There is more inclination towards different sex people. There is sweetness in speaking. On such a Venus the native makes a lot of tantrums at the time of marriage and finally marries an ordinary person. Being unstable also dissipates wealth.

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