Planets And Diseases

Planets and Diseases

In the realm of astrology, the influence of planets on various aspects of human life is widely recognized. Vedic astrology, an ancient Indian system of astrology, delves deep into the relationship between celestial bodies and human health. Today, we will explore the intricate connections between planets and diseases, as explained by the esteemed Vedic astrologer, Kapoor. With a focus on "Planets and Diseases Explained by Vedic Astrologer Kapoor," we will discuss astrology placements indicating illness, the planet responsible for medical matters, the house associated with diseases, diseases related to Mars, a remedy for all planets, the relationship between planets and body parts in astrology, astrological remedies for health problems, diseases influenced by Ketu and the Sun, and the impact of Jupiter on health. Let us embark on this fascinating astrological journey and unravel the hidden secrets of planetary influences on our well-being.

Astrological Signs and Health

Explanation of each zodiac sign's association with certain body parts or systems

Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet and is associated with different body parts or systems. Aries, for example, is ruled by Mars and is associated with the head, brain, and eyes. 

Taurus, on the other hand, is ruled by Venus and is associated with the throat, neck, and vocal cords. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and governs the respiratory system, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers as well as nerves of the body. 

Cancer rules over digestive system mainly stomach while Leo rules heart & blood circulation in your body. Virgo governs intestines while Libra rules over kidneys. 
Scorpio deals with reproductive organs while Sagittarius governs hips & thighs. Capricorn rules knees & bones whereas Aquarius governs ankles & circulatory system; Pisces mainly deals with feet but also hypothalamus gland which controls emotions. 

Discussion on how each sign's strengths and weaknesses can impact health

Each zodiac sign has its unique strengths and weaknesses that can influence one's overall health. For instance: 

1. An Aries individual may be prone to headaches due to their association with the head. 

2. Taurians are susceptible to throat infections because they govern this area of our anatomy. 

3. Gemini's may suffer from respiratory issues like asthma due to their association with lungs. 

4. Leo individuals are prone to heart diseases due to their ruling planet Sun which represents vitality but also egoism creating emotional stress leading potentially long-term damage. 

5. Virgos may experience digestive disorders like gastritis because they rule intestines which are sensitive in nature. Similarly every zodiac sign have potential impacts on different aspects of one's health through planetary

movements affecting them so it becomes important for individuals to understand their associations in order to take better care of themselves and focus on strengthening their weaknesses in order to maintain good health. 

Planetary Aspects and Disease

Astrology teaches us that the positions and aspects of the planets can impact our health. Planetary aspects occur when two or more planets form a specific geometric relationship to each other. 
The three most common planetary aspects are conjunctions, squares, and oppositions. Each aspect has different effects on health. 


The Celestial Connection: Planets and Diseases in Astrology

For centuries, astrology has captivated and engrossed countless individuals. It is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies, which can be used to interpret human affairs and natural phenomena. 

The Planetary Influences on Health

Planets are believed to have a significant influence on our health. Each planet is associated with specific parts of the body, as well as certain types of illnesses or diseases. For example, Mars is associated with the muscular system, while Jupiter is linked to liver function. 

Understanding these planetary influences can help us better understand our health issues. Additionally, planetary transits can impact our health in different ways. 
When a planet moves through a particular sign or house in our birth chart, it may activate certain aspects related to that area of life. If we are already experiencing health issues in that area, these transits may exacerbate the problem or bring it to our attention. 

Astrological Signs and Health

Each astrological sign has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to health matters. For example, Aries rules the head and face areas but tends to be prone to headaches and migraines due to their fiery nature. 

On the other hand, Virgo governs digestion and metabolism but may struggle with anxiety-related digestive issues. Knowing your sun sign's strengths and weaknesses related to your physical well-being can help you take proactive measures towards maintaining good health. 

The Planetary Aspects And Disease

In addition to planetary transits impacting an individual's health status, different planetary aspects (i.e., conjunctions, squares, oppositions) have been known for their potential correlation with illness or disease development. For instance- Saturn aspects have been linked with chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, while Mars aspects have been associated with fevers and inflammations. Understanding these connections can aid in catching health issues early and managing them appropriately before they become serious. 

Niche Subtopics: 

A) Medical Astrology: The Use of Astrology in Diagnosing Illnesses

Medical astrology is a specialized field of astrology that focuses on diagnosing illnesses based on a person's birth chart. A trained medical astrologer will analyze an individual's chart and identify any potential health issues or predispositions to certain diseases. This information can be used to create personalized preventative measures which could include diet changes, stress management techniques, or therapy options. 

B) Mercury Retrograde: How This Astrological Event Can Impact Health

Mercury retrograde is an astrological event that occurs when the planet Mercury appears to be moving backward in its orbit. During this time, communication breakdowns, technological malfunctions and other disruptions are common. Healthwise, people may experience difficulties related to nervous system problems or respiratory issues during this period. 

C) Lunar Phases: The Effects on Physical And Emotional Health During Different Phases

Lunar phases have long been associated with changes in emotional states for individuals. Similarly, the moon has its own effects on our bodies physically as well- studies suggest that people tend to sleep less during the new moon phase while having more intense dreams during full moon phases. Additionally menstrual cycles are affected by lunar phases too! 

Rarely Known Small Details:

A) The Connection Between Saturn And Chronic Illnesses

The planet Saturn represents limitations and structure; it governs bones too- saturnine energy is sometimes known to cause problems with bone density over time, leading to conditions such as osteoporosis or arthritis. 

B) The Role of Chiron in Healing Physical Ailments through Emotional Work

Chiron is a minor planet that represents emotional and physical wounds and the healing process. In astrology, it is associated with the placement of our deepest hurt within us, and how we can heal ourselves by working through those pains. 

Astrology Placements Indicating Illness: A Glimpse into Our Health Fate

When it comes to health matters, Vedic astrology offers valuable insights into the planetary positions that indicate potential health issues. Through careful analysis of one's birth chart, astrologers like Kapoor can identify certain placements that may signify a predisposition to specific illnesses. The positions of the Sun, Moon, and ascendant are particularly crucial in this regard. Additionally, the sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses also hold significance when it comes to health matters.

Which Planet is Responsible for Medical Matters?

In Vedic astrology, Mercury, the planet associated with communication and intellect, holds sway over medical matters. Known as the planet of healers and physicians, Mercury governs the realm of medicine and healthcare. Its influence on our lives can manifest in various health-related professions, such as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. Additionally, Mercury's placement in our birth chart can shed light on our personal health conditions and vulnerabilities.

Which House is for Disease?

In the realm of Vedic astrology, the sixth house is closely linked to matters of health and disease. This house governs our overall well-being, the state of our immune system, and any potential ailments we may encounter in our lifetime. By examining the planets positioned in the sixth house and analyzing their aspects, astrologers like Kapoor can discern the potential health challenges we may face and suggest appropriate preventive measures or remedies.

Which Disease is Related to Mars in Astrology?

Mars, the fiery red planet, governs vitality, energy, and assertiveness. In astrology, Mars is also associated with blood-related disorders and surgical interventions. When Mars is afflicted in one's birth chart, it may indicate a susceptibility to conditions such as blood pressure issues, inflammation, and fevers. It is crucial to note that the overall planetary configuration in one's birth chart must be considered to gain a holistic understanding of the impact of Mars on health.

One Remedy for All Planets: Unlocking the Healing Potential

Vedic astrology offers a fascinating concept known as the "Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra," which is believed to have the potential to pacify the negative influences of all planets. This powerful mantra is associated with Lord Shiva, the divine force known as the ultimate healer. By chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra with devotion and sincerity, individuals can seek blessings for overall well-being and protection from diseases.

Planets and Body Parts Astrology: Decoding the Cosmic Connection

Within the realm of Vedic astrology, individual planets are intricately linked to distinct parts of the human body. Understanding these associations can provide valuable insights into potential vulnerabilities and health conditions. For instance, the Sun is linked to the heart and eyes, while the Moon is connected to the mind and breasts. Likewise, Mercury is associated with the nervous system, lungs, and skin, and Mars governs the muscles and blood. By studying the interplay between planets and body parts, astrologers can offer guidance on maintaining balance and harmony for optimal health.

Astrological Remedies for Health Problems: Seeking Celestial Solutions

Vedic astrology provides a vast array of remedies to alleviate health problems and restore well-being. These remedies can include gemstone recommendations, specific mantras for planetary pacification, charitable acts, and the observance of auspicious rituals. The efficacy of these remedies lies in their ability to harmonize the cosmic energies and bring about positive transformations in one's health and overall life circumstances.

Diseases Influenced by Ketu and the Sun: A Celestial Influence

In Vedic astrology, Ketu, the South Node of the Moon, and the Sun hold significant influence over certain health conditions. Ketu's association with mysterious and unexplained ailments can lead to difficulties in diagnosis and treatment. On the other hand, the Sun's prominence in one's birth chart can indicate health issues related to the heart, eyes, and vitality. By understanding the unique impact of these celestial bodies, astrologers can guide individuals toward appropriate measures to mitigate health risks.

Jupiter's Influence on Health: A Benevolent Force

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is associated with wisdom, expansion, and benevolence. From an astrological standpoint, Jupiter's influence is regarded as highly favorable for overall health and well-being. A well-placed Jupiter in one's birth chart can indicate robust health, a strong immune system, and protection from diseases. By strengthening the positive energies of Jupiter, individuals can unlock its potential to bring about lasting improvements in their health.


In the intricate tapestry of Vedic astrology, the relationship between planets and diseases offers a fascinating exploration of celestial influences on human health. Through the expert insights of Vedic astrologer Kapoor, we have delved into astrology placements indicating illness, the planet responsible for medical matters, the house associated with diseases, diseases related to Mars, a remedy for all planets, the connection between planets and body parts, astrological remedies for health problems, and the impact of Ketu, the Sun, and Jupiter on health. By embracing the wisdom of Vedic astrology and adopting appropriate remedies, we can strive for enhanced well-being and a harmonious connection with the celestial forces that shape our lives.


Q: What astrology placements indicate illness?

Certain planetary positions, such as the Sun, Moon, and sixth house, can indicate potential health issues in astrology.

Q: Which planet is responsible for medical matters?

In Vedic astrology, Mercury governs medical matters and is associated with healthcare professions.

Q: Which house is for disease?

The sixth house in astrology is closely linked to matters of health and disease.

Q: Which disease is related to Mars in astrology?

Mars is associated with blood-related disorders and surgical interventions in astrology.

Q: Are there remedies that work for all planets?

The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is believed to have the potential to pacify the negative influences of all planets.

Q: Which body parts are associated with specific planets in astrology?

The Sun is linked to the heart and eyes, while the Moon is connected to the mind and breasts. Each planet has unique associations with different body parts.

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