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Top 10 astrologer Sixth house in astrology

The sixth house in astrology by top 10 astrologer:-

* Friends, astrology is the depth of the ocean that can never be measured, you will drown as much as

you can as per Top 10 astrologer.

* Picking up from the internet, copying or writing anything, this astrology can never happen,

it is not so easy to understand it, it is very important for you to be a student of science as per Top 10 astrologer,

first, you know how much about the planets, constellations and your sky, after that you can call it astrology. But do your research and see, then the thing that will come out will be your nectar.

* In the horoscope, where the number 6 is written, it is called the enemy house, disease, debt, and enmity are

seen from this house only, the factors of this house are Mars and Saturn.

* Therefore, you can see anytime in whose horoscope Saturn and Mars are in a bad position, they have some

disease or the other for a lifetime, the owner of this house is also called Rogesh.

* This house is the house of the enemy of the Ascendant, who is also its arch-enemy and in many places,

it is also the zodiac of its friend and in many places, it is also an equal sign.

The sixth house in astrology Part- 2

* In such a situation, it happens when a friend’s zodiac sign is in the 6th house.

* The arch-enemy who has this house, which is of the Ascendant, gets rid of the enmity with it because it

understands their gesture, but where the zodiac sign of its friend is in the 6th house, it is harmed by both

heart and mind. It happens

* In Cancer ascendant, Moon’s friend Guru is the lord of the 6th house, not in the bus to fight with Jupiter,

the same thing comes to him, how to pick up this weapon,

Arjun speaks to Krishna, how to attack my Guru in Vasudev

* The position of Pisces Ascendant is also similar there the enemy is Sun.

* Guru Ascendant is how the Sun strikes the Guru and when it will fight the Sun on the Guru,

the end of this war will be very terrible. In these marriages, the chances of meeting with loved ones are quite high.

* Venus is ascendant in Libra ascendant and Jupiter has 6th house.

* Here they will fight a battle across the world because it is the only natural enemy, their fire is burning in the

mind from the beginning of thoughts. If you sit down to write, then I will keep on writing.

The sixth house in astrology Part- 3

* If the 6th house is weak in the horoscope, you will fall in the grip of diseases very soon,

your body will be very weak. very nice you will not get sick soon

* From this house, you can also have debt, if this house is bad, you will take a loan and you will get

drowned in debt, life will go out of debt.

* If this feeling becomes strong, you will start your business by taking a loan and most of your

work will be done by taking a loan.

* Some people took a loan to buy a TV, took a car, took a laptop. And if their 6th house is bad, then they are not able to repay even these small loans.

* Fighting is also seen in this sense, how much can you suppress your enemy

* If this feeling becomes super strong then you will give loans to others, eat interest money,

suppress your enemies, your enemies will never be able to win over you.

* If this feeling is bad then your enemies will sue you, you will lose the court case.

The sixth house in astrology Part- 4

* An injury accident is also seen from this house. Ang Bhang Yoga is not in your horoscope, if any part of the body

has to be separated from your body, how long will you be sick.

* This is also the sense of your servitude. Counting it from the 10th house, it comes ninth. Whatever you do, you do the job. This is also the sense of doing the job.

* The problem related to your stomach is the same feeling below the navel.

* If the lord of this house is 6.8 12 then it is considered good, the owner of the bad house is right in the bad

house but if this center is in the triangle then the house gets spoiled.

* If Shani is bad in the horoscope, you can never get good by employing you, a lot of mischiefs will be stolen.

* This house is called anachyabhava. Whether you will be able to win in the competition or not, it is known from this house.