Pandit Booking

Pandit booking

Pandit booking

If you are entering home in a new area and are eagerly looking for puja-materials or pandit, then your tension will also go away online. E-commerce companies have been selling worship and religious things before, but now they are also offering services related to them. A network of qualified pandits is also being created across the country, who can get the puja done on a single call. In view of Navratri, companies are also coming up with customized combo offers.

Recharge and e-commerce platform is offering services related to religious rituals by tying up with companies selling puja supplies. Products related to religious rituals and rituals are available online, but for the first time we are giving them customized offers by combining them with services. has tied up, under which Complete Rituals Kits are being given for around Rs 2000. Along with this, the pandit will go to your house and get the rituals done duly. The company till now was providing services in different categories, but we plan to integrate the product, location, services and customized requirements of the customers.

Other companies related to worship and rituals are also being brought on this platform. Through this package, those customers are being targeted, who often shift to new places and find such things difficult for them. However, offers are also going on from birthdays to other celebrations. has a panel of qualified pundits but we are trying to build their network in every city. On our portal, we allow our customers in different budgets and categories to make their own kit by choosing the material and services.

The company is offering combos for Navratras in a range from Rs 500 onwards, where customers can keep other demands as well. In the next few days, we are launching e-puja, where the complete rituals will be made available online by renowned pundits and advanced modalities, Agarwal said. He said that it will also have categories according to the need and budget of the customer.