Top Astrologer In Delhi On Navagrahas

Top Astrologer in Delhi on Navagrahas

According to astrology as per Top Astrologer in Delhi, the 9 planets of the solar system in our space have an effect on all the creatures on earth, even water, and plants. According to astrological calculations, the impact of birth Lagna, dasha-mahadasha, Antaradha, and Pratyantras on each person has a certain effect. The position of the fourth, eighth, twelfth position of the Lagna, birth, and zodiac sign affects everyone.

Many remedies have also been given in astrology to calm the ill effects of the Navagrahas, which are followed by law and law. Let’s know:-

Read Aditya Hridaya Stotra for sun peace. Parental service and sun should be offered by offering Arghya, Rolli in water, and red flowers. Donate gold-copper and sugar-jaggery also. Wake up before sunrise and fast on Sunday.

Things to noteUse less salt. Respect the elders. Participate in religious and social functions.

Chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ for Chandradev Shanti. Offer coconut water, white sandalwood and silver moon, Wilbapatra, white sweetmeat to Lord Shankar.

Things to keep in mind – Fast on Monday and donate white clothes, travel to the mountains, and get blessings by touching the feet of Swamata.

For the peace of Mars, offer Hanumanji a mixture of vermilion oil mixed vermilion and pure ghee and recite the Mangal Stotra. Offer prasad of Imarti, Jalebi, Bundi, and Churme.

Things to keep in mind – Do not hate your family, colleagues. Honor your brother. Fast on Tuesday.

Worshiping Mother Durga should be done for the peace of the planet Mercury. Soak green moong and add seeds to the birds. Feed cows with spinach or green fodder. Provide freedom to birds especially parrots from cages.

Things to keep in mind – Foot washing of girls younger than nine years means washing their feet and getting their blessings by bowing to them. Fast on Wednesday. Get Mercury compassionate by performing mantranath havan.

As per the Top Astrologer in Delhi to the delight of Brihaspati Dev Guru, get the blessings of Brahmins by honoring them. Donate gram lentils and saffron to the temple, apply saffron tilak on the forehead and donate knowledge-rich books to deserving persons.

Things to keep in mind – serve the eunuchs. Worship Lord Brahma with banana and honor the total priest and get blessings and donate gold as much as possible.

Read Kanakadhara Mahalakshmi daily for the peace of Venus planet. White and clean clothes should be worn. Serve cow and feed jaggery, green fodder, gram lentils to cows in the cowshed. Especially worship Srividya. Get blessings by giving Dakshina to the Ekakshi Brahmin by feeding Kheer in a bowl of bronze. If there is a disease in a particular situation, chant the dead Sanjivani mantra.

Things to keep in mind – Your wife should be respected. Be patient. Avoid addictions.

For the peace of Saturn, worship the Peepal tree and Bhairava. Offer Imrati, Urad Dal, curd to big Bhairavji and distribute it in Prasad. Make regular recitation of Shri Hanuman Chalisa and Sundarkand.

Things to keep in mind – Donate fried food items to laborers. Fast on Saturday. Maintain good relations with your father’s relatives. On Saturday, anoint sesame oil on Saturn.

For the peace of Rahu, one should worship Maa Saraswati, eat only pure vegetarian food made at home.

Things to keep in mind – Do not let any kind of electrical goods collect and do not take electrical goods for free. Serve maternal relatives and do not watch pornography or movies.

Worship Ganesha for the peace of Ketu planet. Feed bananas to children and flag them at any shrine.

Things to keep in mind – Feed the oil to the dogs. Never hurt dogs.

Follow these amazing tips from the Top Astrologer in Delhi.