What Is Kendra In Astrology

What is Kendra in astrology

What is Kendra in astrology – The name of the ascendant, fourth, seventh, and tenth is Kendra.

(1) The lord of Libra ascendant is Venus, hence Venus being the ascendant is auspicious for this ascendant. Saturn

is very auspicious for this ascendant being the lord of the center and triangle and becomes a yogic planet for

the people of this ascendant.

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(2) For Mercury Ascendant, the ninth house is the most powerful triangle in the horoscope and fate also

determines this house. For Libra Ascendant, Moon being the lord of the tenth is equal and the tenth house is

the center and the lord here becomes neutral.

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(3) For Leo ascendant, the fourth house is considered to be the center and the ninth house is considered to be

a triangle. Therefore Mars becomes very auspicious by being the lord of the center/triangle.

(4) For Cancer ascendant, Mars being the lord of fifth house and tenth house gives auspicious results. The fifth

triangle place is the tenth center and if there is a relation of the center/triangle, auspicious results are obtained. For Cancer Ascendant, the fourth house being the center becomes neutral and the eleventh house is called the Trishadaya house.

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(5) For Aquarius ascendant, Venus becomes the fourth lord and ninth lord and becomes a yogic planet. The

fourth house is the center and the ninth house is a strong triangle house and the planet becomes auspicious when

the relation of the center/triangle is formed.

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(6) In Taurus ascendant, Saturn becomes the lord of the center/triangle by becoming the ninth and tenth lord and

gives auspicious results. Shani is the lord of the strongest center in your birth chart and also becomes the lord of

the strongest triangle. Moon becomes inauspicious by becoming third house in Taurus ascendant. Sun being in

the fourth house becomes even because the fourth house falls in your Kendra and it is an even place.

(7) Saturn is considered inauspicious in Sagittarius ascendant. It is the lord of third and fourth house. For

this Ascendant Mercury is even and it is also known as Kendradhipati Dosha i.e. both the signs of Mercury fall in

the Kendra place.

(8) In Virgo Ascendant, both the signs of Jupiter fall in the centres,

so Jupiter also has the fault of being the Kendradhipati.

(9) In Capricorn ascendant, Venus is auspicious by being the lord of fifth and tenth. The fifth triangle house and the tenth is counted in the center place. Being the lord of both these houses, Venus becomes the yogkari for this ascendant.

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