Astrologer In Mayur Vihar Phase 3

Astrologer in Mayur Vihar phase 3

Astrologer in Mayur Vihar phase 3 –   People born in Pushya Nakshatra are very naive.

In the second part of the series to know the behavior and conduct from their birth constellation, information is being given about the people born in Ardra, Punarvasu, Pushya, Ashlesha and Magha Nakshatra [ astrologer in mayur vihar phase 3 ].

The people born in Pushya Nakshatra are benevolent, intelligent, believe in religion, always helping others in their work. Such persons are very intelligent. They have an amazing ability to understand the things and events behind the scenes. Are beautiful physically too. They have great faith in God. There are poets, writers, journalists, lawyers, teachers and those interested in studies. They have good wealth. Their fortune happens after 25 years.

Ashlesha natives born in this nakshatra are adept at copying the actions of others. There is also a lot of arrogance and pride in them. Always think of his own benefit and are ready to do anything for it. They continue to do their work regardless of good or bad. That’s why they always have a rift with relatives and friends. In many cases, they are tyrannical, mischievous, ill-behaved. Their fortune rises after the age of 30.

Magha The people born in this nakshatra are happy, wealthy. Their love for their spouse remains forever. serve the parents. Smart, tactful, profit from business. Although they are handy. If a woman is born in this constellation, then she establishes relations with many men and if there is a man, then she has relations with many women. Their fortune rises after the age of 25. If the malefic planet’s Mahadasha is going on and during the antardasha of Sun, Mars and Jupiter, one gets troubled by enemies.