Astrologers Experts In Delhi NCR On Stress

Astrologers experts in Delhi NCR on Stress

Stress is becoming the biggest problem nowadays as per Astrologers experts in delhi ncr. Every person is living under some kind of stress. If someone is under the stress of not getting a good job, then there is the stress of not doing business properly.

Some are under stress from family-family quarrels, others are stressed about something in the external life. Recently, a survey conducted by an international agency has also revealed that the most stress in the world is taking the youth of today.

Due to the stress of studies and career, many people are also taking steps like suicide. There are small problems in life, but a person will have to find ways to get out of them. Instead of getting frustrated, if you move ahead with positive energy, you will be able to beat the tension.

What does astrology say about stress? Why does a person live a stressful life? Which people are stressed? Are planetary constellations responsible for this? Let’s find out from the Astrologers experts in delhi ncr. According to astrology,

Moon is the overlord of mind and brain. Due to the position of the Moon, different kinds of thoughts are exchanged in the mind of the person. The position of the person not taking stress depends on the moon.

In these situations, the person is stressed [ Astrologers experts in Delhi NCR ]

*Saturn, Rahu, Mars, or Sun with Moon in the horoscope.
*Moon be alone in the horoscope. There is no other planet with him.
*If the Moon is corrupted by sitting with the Sun.
*In the horoscope, if the moon is sitting in the house or the moon is giving bad effects.
*Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn be seen on the moon.

If the fourth house horoscope is weak[ Astrologers experts in Delhi NCR ]

*If the Moon is also under the influence of bad planets along with the Lagna location.
*The fourth house of the horoscope is weak and there should be enemies of the planet Moon.
*There should be a combination of two or more sinful planets with Chandra.
*Moon should be in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of the enemy.

The person whose horoscope has the above conditions in general often is stressed in life.

These are the measures to relieve stress as per the Astrologers experts in delhi ncr :

*Every person has some stress at some time, but ways to avoid them are also mentioned in astrology.
*It is extremely important to fix the moon for stress release. For this, start drinking water daily with a glass of silver. Both water and silver have lunar power. Therefore, drinking water from a glass of silver strengthens the moon and keeps the person free from stress.
*It is advisable to wear a gemstone representative of the Moon in astrology to reduce ill effects. But before wearing it, definitely show your horoscope to a good astrologer.
*Lord Shiva is wearing a moon on his head. Therefore, offering water daily to Lord Shiva removes the bad effects of the moon.
*Monday fast can be observed.
*If you live under extreme stress, then keep some silver ornaments.
*Lord Shiva’s Mantra and Om Namah : Chanting the mind of Shivaay relieves tension.

Which yogas of horoscope lead to depression, know [ Astrologers experts in Delhi NCR ]:-

It is like a dream to live happily and peacefully in the present global rivalry era. In this run-of-the-mill lifestyle, such conflicts and difficulties come from time to time in the life of a person, due to which he loses his happiness and becomes filled with sadness and becomes depressed.
Depression means depression, although the events and difficulties in life are most responsible for this, for a depressed person, the planets of his birth chart also play an important role in this.
You must have often seen that some people seem to be smiling and relaxed in spite of difficult struggles, while some start thinking of taking steps like suicide in the slightest confusion and trouble or getting caught in the web of addictions to overcome their depression. become more depressed. Let us know which are those planetary positions, which are helpful in making a person depressed.
Among the planets which are mainly responsible for the depression or depression of the person, Rahu is prominent, followed by Saturn. The position of the Moon is also important for this yoga. Rahu mainly gives negative thoughts, whereas Saturn is a factor of excessive thinking.
The first house of the birth chart represents the mind. In such a situation, if the Ascendant is situated in inauspicious houses or is debilitated, the Moon is in inauspicious or debilitated, and there is an effect of Rahu or Saturn on Lagna, Ascendant or Moon and there is no effect of any auspicious planets on these planets, then this type of planetary position Helps in making the person depressed.
A person with such planetary positions may become depressed even if there is a slight problem in his life. If Rahu is situated in the Ascendant or seventh house in the birth chart and the Moon is debilitated, even then the person suffers from depression. Sometimes the person also becomes a victim of migraine or mania disease. To avoid the ill effects of this yoga, it is beneficial to get the evil planets done properly.
In the present materialistic age, fast-paced life has made a person very stressed, in the scientific and engineering race, the obstacle in the fulfillment of desires is causing depression of the person. The competition to outdo each other is leading to the decline of social and material values as well as mental decline. With the physical and scientific development, we are becoming indifferent to our ancient invaluable methods.
With scientific progress, it is becoming proved that even though the symptoms of the disease are visible on the body, most of their causes remain hidden in the mind as well. Through astrology, palmistry, knowledge of these stress situations can be easily done and efforts can be made to relieve stress to some extent with astrological, yoga, and classical measures. 
Astrological reason – Saturn is a neutral planet and whenever Saturn affects the Moon i.e. the mind and the fourth house, it makes a person lonely and indifferent, but the relationship of Moon and Saturn with the afflicted of the Moon and the fourth house can lead to diseases like depression. becomes the reason.
Similarly, the conjunction of Rahu with Moon confuses. Deterioration of both emotion i.e. Moon and intellect i.e. Mercury is madness. The mind-brain is related to the fourth house and the fourth house, the fifth house, and the fifth house.
When the fourth and fifth house and Bhavesh, Moon, and Mercury are afflicted, possessed, and sighted by sinful planets and devoid of auspicious effects, a person can go mad because the deterioration of emotions and intelligence is madness. 
This horoscope belongs to the patient of mania and madness. Here both the ascendant and the fourth lord Mercury and the fifth lord Venus are in the sign of sin. Moon is in conjunction with Rahu and aspected by Saturn and Ketu.
There is no good effect on this either. The Guru of Swarashi has a vision on the fourth, but the Guru himself is afflicted by the aspect of Mars, Sun, Ketu (conjunct Saturn).
 If Moon is the fourth house lord and only Rahu is affected by conjunction and vision on the fourth house and Moon, then a person is suffering from fear. Such a person may even faint from fear.
When both the planets Moon and Mercury related to the mind and intellect are in the water element signs- Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, then the person is emotional and sensitive. Such people get emotional. Along with being situated in the water element signs of these planets, if there is a sinful effect on them, then the ideology keeps on going on about one thing in the mind and brain, due to which they have to face mental complications after some time. 
This sin-effect causes hysteria, depression, fractured mentality. Mars is a fiery planet, Moon is the cause of the mind and Mercury indicates the entire nervous system, when the fiery planet Mars is affected by both the mind i.e. the moon and the senses ie Mercury, then the emotional tendency becomes very high in the person.
These people are seen to be sensitive to their reputations. They have less ability to bear adverse situations, they soon reach a state of mental trauma. There is a web of thoughts in both their mind and intellect, in which entanglement becomes the cause of their trouble.
They very quickly become afflicted with feelings of animosity and enmity. In very adverse situations, such people reach the rank of terrorists. Ketu is accidental.  [ Astrologers experts in Delhi NCR ]
If there is an effect of Ketu on the mind i.e. Moon, then the person takes a sudden decision. If Mercury and Ascendant are not strong, then this sudden decision can be contrary to life. Similarly, the conjunction of Moon-Mercury and the effect of Saturn-Rahu and Ketu on them also indicate depression, low blood pressure, and suicide attempt. 
If the Ascendant and the Ascendant are also afflicted, then the person may also die or the life of such a person may become like death, immersed in despair. If the afflicted fourth house, fourth house, Moon, and Mercury are present in the horoscope, a person may suffer from mental diseases like stress, pressure, depression, insanity. 
If the position of these planets located in the birth chart as well as opposite positions are seen in the palm lines, then the defect becomes more certain. While inspecting the palm lines, one should observe the Moon Mount, Head Line, Mercury Mountain, etc.
The width of the headline shows a lack of knowledge and the absence of the headline in the hand shows mental disorders in the person. [ Astrologers experts in Delhi NCR ]
The separation of the headline from the lifeline shows the independent spirit in the person. This distance shows confidence and independence in the event of a short distance, but too much distance shows short-sightedness and audacity, along with Mars is advanced, then the person takes the wrong decision in a hurry. 
If the headline passes from inside the Venus region or from the lower part of the Mars region, crosses the lifeline, and moves towards the upper region of Mars, then the person is of irritable nature.
If the mount of the moon is very elevated or degraded and the headline bends to the mount of the moon, then the heart line is not balanced, then the person is not mentally balanced. If this type of sloping headline is islanded or fractured, then it is a symptom of mental disease.
In the beginning, the line going towards the Moon mountain with a straight slope is not much faulty, going straight to the corrupted Moon mountain with a straight slope leads to seeing defective mental conditions. The spot or trap sign on the mount of the Moon indicates a tense situation. 
The same position in both hands reveals the certainty of the fruit. On the working hand, the effect of lines will be greater. If the branch from the headline or the headline itself rises up and touches the heart line,
then the person loses intelligence due to excessive attraction towards someone. The network of too many lines in the hand also shows the excess of thoughts.
Therefore, the flawless headline, heart line, balanced moon mountain, fourth house of the horoscope, Chaturthesh, the normal defect-free position of Moon and Mercury, and auspicious effects all reveal the balance of the state of mind. 
Radhakrishnan had said that we cannot change the events of the world and the turmoil arising in the society according to our will, but we can definitely generate so much morale in us that no influence of them should disturb us in any way. 
The reality is that after the success of the present science, the mind is not a measure to identify and measure diseases and stress. Those who are under stress are not alert to its dangers, so the person’s behavior, sensation, emotion, and body can be used to predict the symptoms and to know the stressful situation.

1. Behavioral Traits –

Stress attracts the person towards bad habits like tobacco, alcohol consumption, increase in the number of intoxicants. In addition, biting nails, moving knees are also behavioral symptoms of mental stress.

2. Sensitive Symptoms –

Loss of consciousness, impatience, and restlessness are such symptoms.

3. Emotional symptoms –

Irritability, impatience, becoming overly aggressive are the typical symptoms. Insomnia, nightmares, and depression are symptoms of emotional mental stress.

4. Physical symptoms –

Muscle tension, pain in the neck and back, shortness of breath, and irregularity are symptoms of physical stress. Dry mouth or excessive sweating in the hands are also similar symptoms. By revealing the symptoms of stress and pressure, the stressed state of the person can be saved from going into the state of chronic stress.
Instructions have been given for the practice of Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, and Dhyana in Yoga Shastra. In general, the practice of Shashanka asana and long breathing will be helpful in relieving stress. The principle of Anulom-Vilom, Pranayama, Yogic science, that both parts of the brain are used by Nadi, this harmony is controlled by Ida and Pingala Nadi. 

With Anulom-

Vilom Pranayama, harmony is established in the action of both. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood is also controlled. The lack of B2 concentration in the blood and the right amount of B2 regulates the production of neuropeptides in the brain.
In this way, Anulom-Vilom Pranayama removes complex diseases. The use of mudras helps in relieving mental stress.
By joining the index finger with the tip of the thumb, the practice of Gyan Mudra activates the fibers of knowledge and increases concentration and happiness. Any kind of mental disease, madness, irritability, instability, nervousness, uncertainty, mania, restlessness, depression, restlessness, and anxiety are removed, 
as well as anger, excitement, fear, etc. are also reduced. Any mode of meditation helps in getting rid of stress by balancing the breath and controlling the mind. Prekshadhyana is also a mode of meditation. Preksha means seeing.
Positive changes take place at the physical, mental, and emotional levels through different types of Praksha – Breath Praksha, Body Paksha.