Astrology Consultation Specialist In Delhi NCR

Astrology consultation specialist in Delhi NCR

According to an astrology consultation specialist in Delhi, NCR Visakha Nakshatra is the sixteenth Nakshatra in the sky circle. Its three phases fall in Libra.
The lord of the Visakha nakshatra is the guru. There is Venus lord Venus, The Dasha of Nakshatra Swami is sixteen years of age while the Libra sign has the remaining dasha on the parts of the moon.

After the passing of the Gurus condition, the Mahadasha of Saturn takes place for one year from Venus.

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Saturn is Sukhesh and Panchamesh for Libra and Ascendant. The person born in this nakshatra is a rational virtuous policy efficient honest scholar. Gurus are the factor of knowledge wisdom separation and ambitious high achieving planets. The same zodiac sign is the factor of beauty sexy nature wealth etc Jupiter born in this nakshatra influences Guru Venus throughout his life.

They have a personality as per their birth chart,  If the guru is with Venus then such a person is a rich attractive person rich all-rounder. It is also emotional.

If Jupiter is in the ninth house in Aries ascendant and Venus is in Libra then the luck of life of such natives is better.

Their married life is pleasant there Jupiter Aishwarya Shali with such status if the Guru Nakshatra Swami is in the fourth house of the high and Venus is also in the higher place is well-known among the public houses benefited with water benefit from the land mother.

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In this Lagna, the guru is in the fifth or Lagna and Venus is in the second house then one gets good happiness. In Taurus ascendant, if the guru is in the eleventh house, in the fourth house, or the seventh house while Venus is in the ninth house in the ascendant in the eleventh, then such a person gets benefits with success. Luck is good and such people are benefited from self-love.

If Venus is in the fifth house in Gemini Ascendant then the zodiac owner is in Venus's sixth, eleventh, and ninth house then such a person is the owner of a lucky rich happy life vehicle, etc.

Venus in Leo ascendant is in the tenth Guru Lagna is in the fourth fifth ninth house then happiness is prosperity.

Venus in Virgo ascendant will give success in the ninth in the second and in the seventh house in the fourth house.

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The Scorpio ascendant will be auspicious in Guru ascendant in fifth Navam Venus seventh fifth.

Guru Lagna, a fourth-fifth ninth house in Sagittarius Lagna will be auspicious in Dwadash while Venus will be good in the eleventh. Capricorn Ascendant will give good results in fourth in Guru Ekadash sixth while Venus will be good if Venus is in the fourth house.

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Nakshatra Swami in Aquarius Ascendant will give auspicious results in the second house the tenth house. Rashi Swami will give bright in the ninth fourth house.

Nakshatra Swami in Pisces Lagna will be auspicious in Lagna's tenth fifth ninth house while zodiac lord Venus will be auspicious in Lagna's eleventh.

If Nakshatra Swami is with Guru lowly Rahu then such people should wear topaz.