Famous Astrologer In West Delhi On Aspects

Famous astrologer in west Delhi on Aspects

Know from the Famous astrologer in west Delhi about “Aspect or conjunction examples in Astrology.

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Rahu with Mercury:

When Rahu is conjunct with Mercury, a person dies by consuming poison. The person who is having the combination of Mercury and Rahu in his horoscope drinks poisonous substances. He gives up his life by taking pesticides or he jumps from a tall building.

Ketu with Mercury:

If a person is having a relationship or relationship with Ketu in his horoscope, then such a person commits suicide at a pilgrimage site. Such a person commits suicide by eating more sleeping pills or by drinking some chemicals.

Saturn with Mercury:

Saturn is related to vehicles, so if there is a combination of Saturn and Mercury in the horoscope, then the person becomes responsible for the death of himself by driving at high speed. Such a person dies on the railway track, stabs himself, or hangs him.Mars is related to weapons

Venus with Mercury:

Due to the combination of these two planets, a person chooses a path of death in which he does not suffer much. For example, one goes to sleep by drinking poison or sleeping pills.

Guru with Mercury:

The people who have Guru with Mercury two planets combined in the horoscope, such a person dies during yoga practice. Such a person embraces death by performing Jeeva Samadhi or Pranayama during yoga.

Mars with Mercury:

Mars is related to weapons. A person in the horoscope of Mercury with Mars or having a visual relationship cuts his neck, wrist, or shoots with a pistol with a sharp-edged weapon. Such a person commits self-immolation or electrocution.

Chandra with Mercury:

Chandra is related to water, so the person who is having the conjunction of Mercury and Chandra in the horoscope, dies by drowning in a pond, river, well, or sea.

The Famous astrologer in west Delhi suggests that we must remember that all our lives matter and so we should practice developing patience and avoid taking these grave decisions with Hath yoga and doing whatever it takes like going to a Guru or An Astrologer to get solutions and guidance.

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