What does numerology mean? Learn how to be seen

What does numerology mean? How is numerology viewed? Numerology is a science of predicting future events with the help of numbers. An attempt is made to find out about future events through numerology. There is practical use of the laws of mathematics in numerology. Let us know what is the meaning of numerology?

There is a belief that various aspects of human existence can be traced through numerology. Numerology is calculated based on the characteristics of the nine planets like Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Buddha, Venus, Uranus, Varuna, Mars and Saturn. In numerology, through numbers, it is ascertained about the future events in the life of a person.

What is Numerology?

Meaning of numerology – Like astrology, numerology is a science, through which information about the future of a person is given. In numerology, this is done through numbers. In Hindi it is known as Numerology and in English as Neurology. Numerology is mainly used to calculate the various aspects of a person's life using the laws of mathematics.

On the basis of these 8 runes, the future events of the person are predicted. In astrology, where the prediction is done by calculating the movement of the planets, the time of birth, place etc.

History of numerology

Indian astrology is a very ancient science. Similarly, the history of numerology is also told. According to Pythagoras, numbers are the most important thing in the world. In ancient times, it is believed that only Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews and Chinese were aware of numerology. The subject usage of numerology has been told in Swarodam Shastra. It is an ancient Indian scripture.

Why is numerology used?

The use of numerology is mainly used to find out about the future events in the life of a person. In this, it is calculated by matching with the Navagrahas mentioned in astrology. The numbers from 1 to 9 are considered to be the symbol of the new planets and on the basis of this the effect of the planets on man is calculated.

On the basis of this, information is obtained that which number is affected by which planet and how it is going to affect the life of a person. After the birth of a person, information about his personality is obtained on the basis of the position of the planets. Therefore, after birth, the effect of that number on the person is maximum, which planet is under more influence at the time of birth.

Like astrology, numerology is also found out about a person's thinking, power, philosophy, health, marriage, marriage, career etc. In numerology, it is believed that if the radix number of any two person is 1, then there is good coordination between them. The number can be any number from 1 to 9. The radix is calculated from the date of birth of the person.

Like astrology, numerology has more importance. Through numerology, information is obtained about the future events in the life of a person. With the help of numerology, information can be obtained about the qualities, demerits, behavior and their characteristics present inside a person. Through this, every aspect related to the life of a person can be known through numbers.

Numerology is also being used in Vastu Shastra these days. For example, how many stairs will there be in the house? How many windows and doors should be in the house, it is determined in Vastu Shastra only through numerology. Nowadays many people use numerology to make their fortune and are getting success by changing the spelling of their name.