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Immediately remove such things from the temple of the house, otherwise, you will not get the fruits of worship, According to Hinduism, much information has been given for the house of worship for worship at home, by following which you can bring happiness, prosperity and peace to the house.

In this way, small temples are built in many houses and big temples in many houses. But many times people make such mistakes after getting the temple built in the house due to which instead of bringing happiness and peace, poverty and unrest start coming into the house.

Even in Vastu Shastra, many things have been said about the temple built at home, which should be followed.

This will also give auspicious results of worship and there will be peace and a positive atmosphere in the house.

(1) If the idol of Ganesh ji is kept in the house of worship, then it should be kept in mind that three idols of Ganesh ji should not be kept in the temple. Doing so can cause disturbance in your home. You can keep one or two idols of Ganesha.

(2) Keeping a Shankh in the temple of your house is a good thing, but it should be kept in mind that only one conch should be kept in the house of worship. If more than one conch shell is kept in the house of worship, then remove one and throw it in a holy river.

(3) Since the idols are not respected in the temple of the house, therefore big idols should not be kept here.

(4) If you want to keep Shivling in your temple then Shivling should not be bigger than the size of a thumb.

(5) Do not keep broken idols in the temple, because it will spread negative energy in the house, which is considered inauspicious for the family.

(6) If you are doing aarti, then keep so much ghee in the lamp that the lamp should not be extinguished in the middle of the worship. If this happens, the full fruit of worship is not achieved.

(7) Always offer fresh flowers to God in the house of worship. Do not offer flowers that have fallen on the ground in the house of worship.

(8) Tulsi leaves are not considered stale for 11 days. Therefore, you might offer it to God by daily spritzing water on its leaves.

If you are not sure about things and want advice, talk to an online pundit Book Pandit / Purohit Online