Vastu Tips: Where To Place What In 8 Directions Inside The House And The Roof Of The House !

Vastu Tips  Where to place what in 8 directions inside the house and the roof of the house

Vastu Tips: Where to place what in 8 directions inside the house and the roof of the house !

What should be the correct direction in the house in  regards to things.People often want to know that according to Vastu, which item should be kept in which of the 8 directions inside the house? Is it any such that some object is placed in the wrong place or direction due to which there is loss? These eight directions are - North, North, East, Igneous, South, South, West and Vyavya. Today, we know that in brief.

1.North direction: The god of this direction is Kubera and the planet lord Mercury. This is the place of mother. It is necessary to keep this direction empty.

2. Northeast: Water can have a place in this direction and Guru planet is the lord of this direction. Places of worship, matka, kunwa, boring watertanks etc. can be found in the northeast.

3. East direction: The lord of this direction is Surya, the deity Indra. This direction should be open towards Pitria sthan.

4. Agneya angle: Fire and Mars are in this direction and Venus is the lord of this direction. Igneous angles can be replaced by kitchen or electronic equipment etc.

5. South direction:The southern direction of Yama's dominance and the might of Mars is the predominant direction of the Earth element. This place should also be heavy.In this direction, Kaal Purush has left chest, kidney, left lung, intestines and tenth house of horoscope.

6. Nayanti Angle: The earth element has its place in this direction and the lord of this direction is Rahu and Ketu. The head should be kept with high and heavy items.

7.Western direction: The god of this direction is Varuna and planet lord Saturn. This direction should also be according to Vastu rules which alows light weight items to be present.

8.Yava angle: The position of air in this direction and the lord of the planet in this direction is lunar. Aerial angles can be replaced by windows, lights etc. Guest rooms can also be built here.

There are many types of roofs of a house. When we are talking about the ceiling, it means that one is the ceiling inside your room where there are fans etc. and the other is the roof which is called Gucci or upper ceiling. Let's discuss the ideal configuration for the home's upper roof.

1. Roof type: There are mainly three types - flat roof, sloping roof and round roof. In Vastu, all three roofs are preferable. More floors can be built above the flat roof but this is not possible in sloping roofs. However, there are some houses in which both flat and sloping roofs are used. Sloping roofs are typically constructed in regions with heavy rainfall or snowfall.

2. Roof slope: Cities mostly have houses with flat roofs. Which side of the slope should be on these terraces is an important consideration. According to Vastu, the slope of the roof or floor of the home should be maintained. There should be a slope from southwest to north-east. The roof slope of the house should not be opposite to it. Now the question arises what to do if the person is west or south facing. For this, seeing where the slope should be, it will be decided by meeting an architect.

3. Skylight in the roof: There should not be any kind of desolation in the roof of the house. Like how, in today's society, individuals leave a portion of two-by-twos in the house's roof for lighting. Because of this, the air pressure in the house will always be high, which is harmful for the health of the body, mind, and brain.

4. Slanted roof: Avoid making a sloping roof- Make sure that the roof is not slanted design. This causes depression and other health problems.

5. Ceiling height: The ceiling height of the house should also be according to Vastu. If your height is less than 8.5 feet, it will cause you a lot of problems and make it tough for you to advance in life. If the house is small, the ceiling height should be at least 10 to 12 feet. Contact the architect if you want to stay above this.

6. Dirt Attala on the roof: Do not put any kind of dirt on the roof of the house. Keep no garbage or bamboo of any type here. The negative forces are more active in people's homes that have unused stuff on the roof. Individuals who live there have unfavourable opinions. There are also instances of family estrangement. According to this Lal Kitab, the 12th house of the horoscope is also corrupted.
7. Roof water tank: It is important to know in which direction the water tank should be placed on the roof of the house. A water tank should not be kept in the northeast because it generates stress and makes it difficult for kids to read and write. The south-east direction is the direction of fire, hence it is also not considered suitable for installing a water tank. The combination of fire and water produces severe architectural defects. According to Vastu Vigyan, it is auspicious to be high and heavy from southwest ie south west corner.