Vedic Aries Today On Gand Mool

Vedic aries today on Gand Mool

Learn about gand mool from the vedic aries today. Gand Mool has been given the name of

Gandant in the scriptures. It is a Sanskrit language word gand means nichrishta and some part of tithi Lagna and

the nakshatra are called gandanta. Originally Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyestha, origin, and cultivation,

these six constellations are called Gandmool.

Among these, different fruits are obtained when born in a particular phase.

A person is born in these nakshatra stages, when the same nakshatra comes again on the 27th day after birth,

then their peace is done by means of ritual worship and havnadi. Read to know more from the vedic aries today

What is Gandant Yoga:

Tithi Gandant-

The clock at the end of Poornathithi (5, 10, 15), 2 clocks in Nanda Tithi (1, 6, 11), etc. Overall,

the 4th date is called Gandant. Pratipat, a clock at the beginning of Shashthi and Ekadashi date i.e.

the first 24 minutes and the end of Purnima, Panchami, and Dashami dates, is called Tithi Gandant.

Nakshatra Gandant-

Similarly, the Nakshatra is called Gandanta by combining the four times on the treaty of Revathi and Ashwini,

the treaty of Ashlesha and Magha, and the treaty of Jyestha and Moola. In the same way, Lagna is Gandant.

Two clocks of cultivation, Jyestha and Ashlesha Nakshatra,

ie 48 minutes of Ashwini, Magha, and two clocks of origin of Mool Nakshatra, are called Nakshatra Gandant.

Lagna Gandant-

The half clock of the end of Pisces Lagna, half of the end of Cancer ascendant and half of the

beginning of Leo Lagna, the end of Scorpio Lagna and half-half clock of Sagittarius Lagna is called Lagna Gandant.

That is, the treaties of Pisces-Aries, Cancer-Leo, and Scorpio-Sagittarius are called Gandant.

According to the vedic aries today, The last half of Pisces is reduced and the initial half of Aries is reduced, the

last half is for Cancer and the first half is for Leo, the last half is for Scorpio, and the first half of Sagittarius is called Lagna Gandant. In these Gandantas, 5 hours at the end of Jyestha and 8 hours at the beginning of the original is considered inauspicious. If a person is born in the above yoga, then he should take remedies.

What Happens:

The daughter of Jyestha Nakshatra destroys her husband’s elder brother and the girl born in the fourth phase of Visakha destroys her brother-in-law. The girl or son born in the last 3 stages of Ashalesha is malefic to her mother-in-law and the native-born in the first 3 stages of the native are going to destroy her father-in-law.

If there is no elder brother than the husband, then it is not a fault. In the first phase of Mool Nakshatra, the father feels guilty, in the second phase the mother, in the third phase there is the loss of money and meaning. The fourth phase is auspicious for the native.

Remedies for Gandant Dosha:

The father of a child born in Gandant Yoga should see his mouth only when the peace of this yoga has been achieved. Take peace by knowing from a pundit for the peace of this yoga. Gandant Yoga has been called the inauspicious time for childbirth.

In this yoga, if a child is born, the father should see the face of the infant only after the Gandal Shanti. According to Parashar Muni, the donation of bulls in Tithi Gand, the donation of a cow in Nakshatra Gand, and the donation of gold in Lagna Gand is eradicated. If the child is born in the Republic of the Republic, then the blame is incurred by the consecration of the father and child and the consecration of the mother and child when they are born in the last part of the Republic.