Indications In Astrology That Give You A Warning

Indications in  Astrology that give you a warning

Indications in  Astrology that give you a warning

Often, in the absence of the right information, the common people start trying astrological remedies at the behest of anyone. But do you know that such tried measures can prove to be harmful at times? Let's read this interesting information-

1. Never give donations of items that represent the auspicious planets in your horoscope and never worship the inauspicious planets.

2 . In the horoscope, if the Guru is in the tenth house or in the fourth house, then one should not give money for the construction of the temple, it is inauspicious and the person can be brought to death at any time.

3. Never donate yellow clothes if you are a guru in the seventh house of the horoscope.

4. If Moon is in the twelfth house then it would be very inauspicious to associate with the sadhus. This may halt the family's growth.

5. If the seventh/eighth sun is there then one should not donate copper, money will start to be lost.

6. Education should be taken for chanting because impure utterance leads to loss rather than gain.

7. Whenever chanting the mantra it is necessary to do it in full numbers.

8. Mantra should be done in the same posture, even in equal numbers at the same time.

9. After completing the mantra chanting must be done only then you get the full result.

10. Some people wear clothes according to Var, it is not right for everyone. It is auspicious to wear the clothes of the planets which are good in the horoscope, but it may be wrong to wear clothes of the planets which are not auspicious.

11. Many times some people wear pearls without consulting anyone, it is wrong that if the moon in the horoscope is low then wearing a pearl can cause depression.

12. It is often seen that if someone is not getting married, then astrologers recommend wearing topaz without seeing the horoscope, it has the opposite effect and there is no marriage.

13. In the horoscope Guru Neech should not wear Pukhraj, if it is in an inauspicious effect, in an inauspicious mood.

14. Many people set up money plants at home knowing from different sources that this will increase the wealth in the house, but the fact is that if the Mercury is bad then the sister and daughter of the house remain unhappy due to the money plant being installed in the house.

15. Saturn prevails by planting cactus or thorny plants in the house, so those whose horoscope is bad in Saturn should not plant such plants.