Saturn’s Sadhe Sati: Symptoms And Prevention

Saturn’s Sadhe Sati: Symptoms and Prevention

The most influential planet of the planets, Satyaraja Saturn Maharaj, when the Moon sign enters the zodiac sign Cancer, which is his seventh zodiac sign from Capricorn and his sixth zodiac from his original triangle. According to a famous astrologer in Delhi, the presence of Saturn in the seventh sign of Capricorn from Saturn’s own zodiac sign will now show any special side effect to the wife (female side/in-laws) and business.

Similarly, the presence of Saturn in the sixth zodiac sign of Aquarius, the original triangle of Saturn, will weaken the enemies, will provide relief in debts and illness, and will not cause any side effects on the evil side. But other zodiac signs will be affected in some form, especially Gemini, Cancer, and Leo. Libra can be affected partially

Saturn’s Sadhe Sati continues………………

The zodiac signs of Saturn (Virgo, the third sight of Saturn) and Aries (tenth vision of Saturn) can also experience some kind of in-auspiciousness. The person with Leo zodiac has started the first phase of sadhe sati, the second phase of sadhe sati has been started for the person of Cancer and the third phase of half-and-half has been given to the person of Gemini.

If Shani Maharaj is sitting in the horoscope (Bhava Ghar) in horoscope or inauspicious zodiac (Aries) and sinful planet/enemy planet / cruel planet- Rahu, Ketu, Mars or Sun, etc. or sitting in an enemy area If insight, this effect is clearly visible because of sadhe sati. Let’s see the effects and remedies suggested by the Jyotish experts in Delhi NCR

Saturn’s in-auspiciousness can be known by these major symptoms:-

A hobby of intoxication leads to addiction, taking the form of addiction.

Be fond of betting/gambling.

The nature of compulsive lying is the main symptom of the inauspicious Saturn.

Inauspicious Saturn shows the path of illicit & immoral relationships.

Problems & disputes regarding land, plot, house.

Vegetarian person’s tendency towards non-vegetarian food.

Great controversy/enmity among brothers.

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* Inauspicious Saturn signs of any type of job interruption, job loss, transfer to an unwanted place, promotion hurdles, demotion and slowdown in trade, losses, insolvency, uncounted debt, the default in loan repayment, etc.

* In the house of ancestors or where you have been living for a long time, if you are keeping money, jewelry, etc. for security, however, where the darkness remains, the sunlight does not reach, such house, in the room Mokhara ( Sunlight coming from ventilation) increases the inauspicious effect of Saturn. This can prove to be extremely harmful to wealth.

* Saturn has a negative effect on daily activities like laziness, avoidance, laxity, lethargy, avoidance of responsibility, negligence in the actions of accountability, suffering from a persistent minor illness, or prolonged illness of a family member.

* Symptoms of mourning, sadness, apathy towards yourself, bitterness towards your people, jugupsa, disillusionment with worldliness, thoughts of renunciation, side effects of Shani.

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Here are the most common, straightforward ways to overcome the evil of Saturn, which can be expected to succeed only if you perform and practice the remedies:-

* South facing houses can be harmful, try to avoid it.
* Brush your teeth every morning and evening with an acacia tree stem.
*Donate iron tongs, iron griddle, iron sigdi (nowadays gas stove) to a saint-fakir, which he can use daily to prepare his food.
* In case of disease, offer milk (in the root) to the big tree and apply tilak from the wet soil there. * Flow the standing black urad, almonds, coconut into the river.
* For the entire month and a half (45 days), regularly do puja barefooted. Apologize while acknowledging your misdeeds.
* Collect copper, silver, and gold in your ancestor’s house / old house and keep it in one place.
* Havan at home with milk, jaggery, fennel.

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* Keeping pure honey in the house can increase wealth. Do not use it at home. Keep it at the place of worship.
For wealth, take the bread out of your plate for one and a half months from your own food before you eat continuously and serve it to crows.
Donate as much as possible to Saturn’s items like black urad, oil, spleen, almonds, iron, etc. on Saturday or Amavasya (by tying them in black cloth).

Serve black colored cows as much as you can. Feed the cow bread.
* Go to the Shiva temple where there is a Nagdev (statue) on the Shiva linga, offer milk on it

(in the posture of feeding).
* Debate, in the event of enmity, fills the Khand (Banarsi sugar) in the flute and

go to the wilderness and dig a pit.

Saturn’s Sadhe Sati continues………………

* Always keep a square piece of silver with you.
* Take a little milk in the water while taking a bath and bathe in a sitting on a wooden slab,

hitting the spinach. Do not put your feet on the ground while taking a bath.
* In the event of Saturn being fourth or tenth in the horoscope, drinking milk after sunset or

before sunrise is infeasible.
* If Saturn is in Aries horoscope or if it is in the ascendant, then the house can cause problems if it is

open towards the west. For this, putting antimony in the ground can be fruitful.
* Avoiding being drunk, distance from speculative gambling, renunciation of illicit-immoral relations is

the best way to remove the in-auspiciousness and evil of Saturn.