The Secrets Of Life From The Seventh House

The secrets of life from The seventh house

Married life goes well only when there is perfect harmony between each other otherwise life is considered hellish. To ensure that the vehicle of married life is moving in the right direction the leading matrimonial astrologers in Delhi suggest that the speech and behaviour of your wife should be good and

at the same time, the husband should also be alert and loyal to his wife.

Sometimes married life breaks down due to economic outlook and other relationships. Doubt also causes a rift in married life. Sometimes a lack of family cohesion also becomes a reason. For all these, the relationship of

the seventh house Lagna fourth fifth house, as well as Venus Saturn mars, is considered important. In the fourth house

if Saturn is in Leos sign or mars Aries or Scorpio or Rahu's side family life is disconcerting.

More on The Seventh House

Family life is destroyed even if Saturn mars then have an aspect or a relationship with the seventh house in

the Horoscope. Even if they are auspicious they can still cause some family discord. If this is the case then the object related to the affected planet should be buried in the ground. If the lord of the ascendant is unfavourable or there

is some inauspicious planet in the ascendant, he makes the person of bad nature.

Saturn the lord of the Lagna should not be afflicted by mars. The fifth house is of love and children and it is related

to eyes then the native is suffering from a lack of children or suffering from children in his life and

love can remain in his life.

The Seventh House Continues

The seventh house belongs to the spouse if the owner of this house is afflicted by Rahu then married life

will be interrupted with issues and discords. If there is a Saturn mars with Bhavesh in this house then a

second marriage takes place or there is a hindrance in married life.

If Saptamesh will be behind a house sixth house from the seventh such a situation also causes obstruction. If such

a situation occurs in someone’s horoscope they should keep the object related to it for one day and sleep and bury it in some clean ground

If the factor of Venus art love marriage is low it is obstructed or curtailed.

Also as per the best marriage astrologer in India If there is Mars in the lagna and Saturn is in the seventh house then it causes a certain obstacle. It is also painful to be in the seventh house. Venus is not fit either with Sun or Venus with Sun Mercury.

The Seventh House Continues.

If there is a Sun in the Lagna or Saturn or the Sun in the seventh then it causes an obstacle in marriage. It is also not right to have paap kartari yoga in the seventh house. Even if the master of the seventh is auspicious it still does not give the right fruit, Rahu’s presence with the guru also becomes troublesome somewhere. If Venus is in the sign of mars and mars is in the sign of Venus, then the character of that person remains doubtful. Due to this, there is an obstacle in married life.