Top 10 Best Astrologer In Delhi On Chitra

Top 10 best astrologer in Delhi on Chitra

The Top 10 best astrologer in delhi says that, there is a fourteenth constellation in the celestial sphere. The first two phases of this constellation fall in Virgo. This constellation is identified by the name Pe Po. These two planets have a special effect on the native. After this, according to the Lagna, it also gets its fruit.

Mars signifies courage, energy, ambition, fiery nature. Along with this, the combined vision of other planets also shows its own effect. Sometimes, if there is an inauspicious position of Mars or sight from Saturn, then a negative reason is also formed. If you are with Mars and Guru and see the zodiac owner Mercury, then the skilled businessman gets a high position in the administrative officer, police, or army.

Such a person can become a good lawyer with a good speaker. CA. Becomes a factor of. Mars-Venus combination will make that native beautiful but also sexy as per the Top 10 best astrologer in delhi. If Mars is with Sun, then such a person achieves success by going in courageous, powerful, high administration services with a very bright nature. Succeed in politics.

There is a fourteenth constellation in the celestial sphere.

The first two phases of this constellation fall in Virgo. This constellation is identified by the name Pe Po. These two planets have a special effect on the native. After this, according to the Lagna, you also get the result.

If Mars and Moon are together, it also makes it a little calm. If Mars is with Rahu, then such a person is also addicted. If you are with Rahu of the High then you are successful in politics. When Mars is with Saturn, it is harmful. In the sense in which the relation is in relation or the vision, it destroys the effect of that feeling. Its effects are often seen after 40 years.

The excellent position of Mars in Aries Lagna can be considered auspicious in Lagna, fifth, ninth house. But the ascendant Mars is inauspicious in the wife area or in the husband area. Even if Mars is with Saptamesh, the marriage genera spoil it.

The position of Nakshatra Swami Mars in Taurus ascendant will be good in the fifth house in the fourth house, while if the zodiac is with the lord Mercury, then the person is going to get the full benefit of his merit.

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Mars in Gemini ascendant will give auspicious results in the third house in the fourth house. If Mercury is in Aries or Scorpio, and the constellation lord Mars is in Gemini or Virgo, then it will be good for Rajyogi. Such people are successful in the work of land in business. If Venus-Mars is with Mercury then you also get success in the hotel business.

If Mars is in the fifth house in Cancer ascendant in the third house then it gives auspicious results. Rashi lord Mercury will be the best fruit in fifth or tenth.

In the ascendant, Mars is in the ninth, fourth, ascendant, fifth house and Mercury will be fruitful in the second ascendant of the eleventh, giving wealth.

Mars is benefic in the fifth house, a fourth, tenth house in Virgo ascendant, makes it beneficial for children, children, and state mother. The position of Mercury in this Lagna will be auspicious in the Lagna, tenth, third, fifth house.

In Libra Ascendant, the constellation Swami Mangalal will be there in the second, fourth, seventh house and will give auspicious results.

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The position of Mars in Scorpio ascendant will be very fruitful in the Lagna fifth, tenth, eleventh house. The zodiac will be good in lord Mercury, tenth, Lagna, fourth house.

Mars will give auspicious results in the fifth Lagna, the tenth, ninth house in Sagittarius ascendant, if zodiac lord Mercury, Virgo seventh, will give auspicious results in the ninth house.

The position of Mars in the Capricorn Lagna will be fine in the third, fourth, eleventh house in the Lagna. Its eyesight will remain inauspicious.

In the Aquarius ascendant, in the eleventh house in the tenth house, it will give the right result. But its vision will not be right.

The position of Mars in Pisces Lagna will be auspicious in Lagna, ninth, tenth house. If Nakshatra Swami is in an auspicious place then you will get the best success. If you are in an inauspicious state, then the fruits will also be inauspicious as per the Top 10 best astrologer in delhi.

Planetary Position Astro in Horoscope: Some Myths [ Top 10 best astrologer in Delhi ]

Astro is completely based on scientific calculation, but due to incomplete knowledge or ignorance, many such things have become popular about it which is wrong. Today let’s discuss such things-

1. Destined fate cannot be changed:

It is believed that after the position of the planets in the horoscope is fixed, it cannot be changed and if the planet is not good then the whole life has to be disturbed. This interpretation is wrong. The planets sitting in the horoscope tell about nature, nature, struggle, family, hard work, success, etc. of the person.
To improve the negative planet, if you make changes in your eating habits, nature, living habits, and habits, then bad yoga can be changed into good yoga.

2. Jupiter and Venus are always auspicious:

Guru and Venus may be auspicious in nature, but their results for each person depend on their position in the horoscope according to their Ascendant and the place they get.
If this Jupiter is the lord of the houses according to the ascendant, then it cannot give auspicious results. Like Jupiter gives loss for Libra ascendant and Taurus ascendant and Venus gives loss for Pisces ascendant.

3. Sinful planets always give trouble:

The names of sin planets like Rahu, Shani, etc. start fearing that they give only inauspicious effects, but it is not so. According to the position of the Ascendant, if these planets are the lords of good feelings, they also become Raja Yoga Karak. Rahu also becomes auspicious in the 3rd, 5th, 11th houses. Mars also forms Raj Yoga for Cancer ascendant.

4. Wearing topaz in delay in marriage:

This is the most harmful belief. Many times the Guru himself delays the marriage due to his predominance. In such a situation, the matter gets worse by wearing topaz, liver, etc. can also get damaged, so in such a situation, one should chant and donate to the guru, do not wear topaz at all.

5. Very strong planet is auspicious:

It is not always right. If a benefic planet is retrograde, then its auspiciousness decreases and can give harm. Just as weak planets give loss, in the same way, retrograde planets or more dominant planets also cause loss of house.

6. Worship and gems work miracles:

This is wrong. The meaning of worship is to recognize right and wrong by awakening one’s self-power and to bring out the inner energy. Similarly, gems help us to maintain the balance of that element in the body.